Teaching in Students’ Homes: Recruitment Opportunities for Flute Teachers

It has probably crossed your mind at some point whether it would be easier, more fulfilling and potentially more lucrative if you were able to teach at your students’ homes, rather than in a school or at your own home. Many flute teachers are turning to this option for all of the above reasons and many are building a sustainable business model off the back of it. Let’s have a look at a few of the things you should consider before you decide to teach at your students’ homes.



If you decide to teach at your students’ homes, you immediately have more flexibility as a teacher. No longer will you need to make sure your house is tidy and free of distractions for your students when they come to your house for their lessons. No longer will you be tied to your school’s timetable and pay structure if you teach within a school. You can design your lessons around when both you and your students are available without needing to worry about the teaching environment in your own home.

Teaching at your students’ homes is really great if your personal circumstances change; perhaps you move outside the area most of your students are living in or you have to downsize – teaching at your students’ homes is a great way to retain those students.

The flip side of having this flexibility, particularly if you’ve been working in a school, is that you could lose some of the stability that comes with that. If you decide to teach at your students’ homes, it will be up to you to recruit clients and make sure that you keep them – as opposed to having your school sort this for you.



As any good flute teacher will know, organization is key to teaching well together with recruiting and keeping students. It’s a great idea to design a website showcasing your playing and teaching ability together with your availability as a teacher; a website immediately gives you both authenticity and an easy way for potential clients to contact you. Once you’ve established a good base of students who are ready and willing to recommend you to others, word-of-mouth will bring you any additional students you may need.

As with teaching in a school or at your own home, it is imperative that you turn up on time and have all the necessary equipment with you for the lesson – nothing will destroy your reputation faster than being badly organized!


Opportunities to earn more money

When you decide to start teaching at your students’ homes, you have the opportunity to negotiate a higher fee for your services. Students will often pay more for the convenience of having their teacher come to them and you will need to take into account your travel costs when you agree a price for your teaching.

Bearing in mind the limitations of having to travel between your students, if you’re super organized you will be able to see lots of students in a day – it’s up to you how much money you want to earn!

Teaching at students’ homes is a great opportunity for flute teachers who are after additional flexibility and the opportunity to make more money. Just make sure to be highly organized and you’ll have a strong student base in no time!



The key to being a successful as a private flute teacher is in finding the right number of students to teach that will fit into all your planned working hours. If you could organize yourself to devote the right amount of time to teaching and travelling to your students home then you are on your way to achieving that dream net pay that you are aiming for.