Drum Teachers: Ever Considered Teaching at Your Students’ Homes?

Teaching at your students’ homes instead of at a school is a great way to work flexibly, earn more money and be able to work for yourself. Increasing numbers of drum teachers are turning to this way of working for these very reasons. Let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons to teaching your students at their home.



When you teach music at a school, you are immediately hemmed in to the restrictions hoisted upon you by the school, such as a set timetable and a set pay structure. In addition, you are obviously restricted to only teaching students of school age who attend that school. As soon as you decide to start teaching at your students’ homes, you have the freedom and flexibility to teach whoever you like at whatever time you like, for whatever fee you like! What could be better? This flexibility will be especially beneficial for teachers who are keen to teach adults during the day and are willing to travel between students.


Pay benefits

You can often command a higher fee as a drum teacher who teaches in students’ homes as many people will pay more for the convenience of their tutor coming to them. It is certainly also worth bearing in mind your travel costs and time too when you are negotiating your fee. You’ll generally be able to charge more than you would teaching at a school as you’ll probably be teaching older students and there will be no school taking a cut of your wage.


Less stability

One thing to bear in mind if you decide to quit your school and teach at your students’ homes is that your ready-made client base of school children will disappear and so you will have to find and keep your own clients. This can be quite daunting when you first start out on your own but if you are well organized, you should be able to do well. It’s worth mentioning to any students and their parents that you already teach that you are moving from the school but would still like to continue teaching them – chances are, they will decide to stick with you and take advantage of the convenience of having lessons within their own home.

Once you have a few loyal students, you will find that your reputation will increase just by word-of-mouth and the students will be knocking down your door trying to get lessons! A good idea would be to create your own website which contains your experience and up-to-date contact details so any would-be students can get in contact with you quickly to arrange lessons. It may even be worth doing deals (such as buy 10 lessons for the price of 9) in order to entice students if you find it difficult to start with.


Be prepared

Teaching drum lessons at your students’ homes instead of within the traditional setting of a school is a great way for a teacher to work flexibly and potentially earn more money. Before you make the break, ensure that you have a strategy to entice in new students so you don’t miss the stability of teaching in a school.

There is, of course, the option of both teaching privately and teaching in a school. It is just a matter of scheduling carefully so as not to over load yourself. There is no sense in earning loads of money if in the end you won’t have the time to enjoy or spend it as you please. Remember your health is still more important than any riches in the world. Good luck making the right decision!