Teaching at Students’ Homes: Recruitment for Keyboard Teachers

If you’re unable or don’t want to teach the keyboard at a school or at your own home, it will be well worth considering taking your skills and experiences and turning yourself into a ‘mobile teacher’. Giving keyboard lessons at students’ homes is a new and increasingly popular way to work for a number of teachers. Let’s have a look at a few of the requirements and benefits of the job.

What do you need to teach at your students’ homes?

All you really need is your teaching qualification and experience playing the keyboard. If you already teach keyboard at your own home or a school and are looking to a more flexible way of working, it’s a good idea to talk to your current students and ask them if they’d like you to teach them at home instead. It’s a great way to get your first clients and, if they have a keyboard at home, much easier and more convenient for your students to learn.

You must make sure that you’re super organized – there’s nothing worse than turning up at a student’s house late or without the right music. Remember, you’re on their time now!

As always when you’re starting out with a new venture, it’s a great idea to create yourself a website which clearly shows your skills and contact details so new students can find you as easily as possible. You’ll find that once you have a few long-term students who like you and will recommend you as a teacher, you’ll have lots of prospective students interested in you just by word-of-mouth. Make sure to do a good job and your popularity will rise!

What are the benefits for teaching at students’ homes?

• Flexibility

This is probably the most sought-after benefit for keyboard teachers looking to teach at students’ homes. When you do not have to host at your own home or at a school, you can be much more reactive to your students’ needs and can really focus on them.

• Possible increase in pay

You may find that students are more likely to pay for convenience – and what could be more convenient than their teacher coming to their home to teach them? Obviously, it’s worth negotiating on this point when they first seek you out to give lessons. Remember that you have to travel to their house and back for the sake of their convenience so you have a great case to ask for a little more money than you would if you were teaching at your own house.

• Less domestic stress

One of the worst things about being a teacher giving lessons at your own home is the fact that you have to make sure that your house is presentable for your students and there’s no distractions lying in wait to divert you during your lesson. Lessons at the teacher’s home are much more problematic if you live in a house share or you have young children running around. There is much less stress when you teach at your students’ houses!

In conclusion, there’s lots of valuable benefits to reap from teaching keyboard lessons at your students’ homes and, as long as you’re organized, you can be a highly successful teacher doing it.

Do not miss out on the many good opportunities that could be yours when you decide to be a mobile keyboard teacher. Many students will appreciate the flexibility it would afford them to have their own private keyboard mentor and would most likely recommend you to their friends and family. Start your network now and give yourself the break you deserve. Good luck!