What Makes a Good Keyboard Teacher

When you decide to take up a musical instrument, it is absolutely imperative that you make sure that you pick a good teacher whom you get along well with as well as someone who will make sure that you make the most of your lessons. A good keyboard teacher can improve your playing, inspire you and prepare you for grade exams whereas a bad teacher will leave you feeling unmotivated, bored and probably ready to give up learning pretty quickly. Let’s have a look at the qualities you should be looking out for when picking a teacher.


Musical and teaching ability

It’s really important that not only is your teacher a great musician but a great teacher too – there’s no use having one without the other! If you want to check your teacher’s musical ability, why don’t you ask about their performing experience or see if you can listen to them play? A great musician will inspire you as a student to perform better and perhaps even start you on the road to becoming a musician yourself. You also need to ensure that your teacher has suitable qualifications to teach the keyboard; this will mean that they will be aware of the syllabus you need to follow as well as knowing how to get the best from you during your keyboard lessons. If you are a parent who wants their child to start lessons, it is worth checking that the teacher has experience teaching children and vice versa if you are an adult wanting to start playing.


Matching learning and teaching style

It’s also important that their teaching style fits the way you want to learn. If you both disagree over the direction that you want to take your keyboard learning, your lessons will naturally stop being worth your time. If you are set on attaining grades, for example, it is necessary for your teacher to be organized and dedicated to preparing you well for your examinations and making sure that you have all the necessary skills to see you through. If you would prefer, however, to take a more relaxed approach to your learning, you will want to ensure that your teacher is similarly relaxed and isn’t going to pressurize you to take exams when you are not ready to.


Availability and accessibility

This is an obvious point, but still an important one! You may find the absolute perfect teacher for you but if they are unable to offer you lessons when you need them or if they live too far away and aren’t prepared to give lessons at your home, then they aren’t really that perfect. You may find that some teachers who have excellent reputations don’t have any space left for teaching you or maybe they have a waiting list. It may be worth signing up to the waiting list and in the meantime, looking for an alternative teacher who isn’t quite as popular (but still good). Many teachers will offer you a trial lesson before you sign up and it is definitely worth taking advantage of this to see if you’ll work well together.


It’s really important to find a great teacher when you decide to start keyboard lessons – make sure that they have both musical and teaching ability, a teaching style that works for you and also the availability to make your lessons happen when you want them.


Finding the right teacher is easy if you can make a checklist of the qualities you want them to have. Make sure you check out every the internet for reviews, get feedback from your friends and families and attend performance to scout check out prospective keyboard teachers.