Is It Better to Take Drum Lessons at School or at Home

New drum students often stop to consider where the best place to learn their instrument is – school or home? There are certainly benefits to both locations but also some practicalities to consider when you are making your decision. Let’s have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of taking your drum lessons at school or at home…



Unless you’re blessed with a top-notch music studio at home, it is unlikely that you will have the same great facilities that are present in most schools. Schools often have their own music department which hosts sound-proof music rooms and great equipment for students to make use of during their lessons and free time. One of the biggest drawbacks to playing the drums is the fact that the kit is so large and, obviously, quite loud once you get started! If you are living in a small house or perhaps have a parent who works from home, your lessons are unlikely to be very popular with the rest of your family due to both space and noise issues.


Practice makes perfect

If you do have the space to have your drum lessons at home then you will certainly be able to reap some benefits. You are much more likely to practice your drumming if your drum kit is at home right in front of you waiting to be used. It’s really easy to practice whenever you want and there will be no one else arguing that it’s ‘their turn’ (unless you have a sibling who wants to have a go!). It takes much more discipline to commit yourself to practicing if you have to drag yourself away from your friends and go to your school music room. Additionally, if you want to play at school you will be expected to share the drum kit with other students who are learning so it may not always be too easy to practice whenever you want.


Band involvement

Regardless of whether you take your lessons at school or at home, it is a great idea to lend your new drumming skills to a band – obviously, the best place to get involved is at school with other like-minded musicians who have the same free time as you. Being in a band is a great way to practice your drumming and to get another perspective on the instrument outside of your lessons. If you’re taking your lessons at home but your parents are unhappy with you practicing all the time due to noise issues, band practice is a great way to get the best of both home and school drumming.

When you decide to start drumming, it’s important to consider where the best place to take your drum lessons will be. School lessons are great if you don’t have the space or facilities at home to learn but you have to make sure that you are disciplined enough to commit to practicing even when you’d rather be having fun with your friends at break time. Wherever you take your lessons, you’ll find a happy medium being involved with a band.

Taking up drum lessons is a great way to improve your musicality as well as your personality. Physically, you improve your coordination. You get your blood flowing with the constant beating with your drums sticks. Your heart benefits from the exercise and you sweat out those extra pounds. Drumming is rarely a solo thing so you get to interact frequently with various band members for practice, gigs or just to hang out and have fun. All in all, a win win situation for you or your child.