What Will Your Child Learn During Children Keyboard Lessons?

Music is considered as one of the most wonderful ways to express your inner feelings. Learning music involves perfect combination of both art and math. Learning and playing the piano has been a hallmark of many children. The piano is considered as one of the easier beginner instruments by the experts for young kids.  You can learn the piano very easily when you start enjoying it. The benefits of taking piano lessons during childhood go far beyond music education and are listed below:

• Increased coordination and improved hand-eye movement:

Piano lessons help children to refine their motor skills, dexterity and coordination. Playing piano involves usage of both the hemispheres of brain and leads to a good hand-eye coordination.  The piano requires children to use their both hands in an independent manner so that a coordination can be maintained between them if one is moving very fast while the other is moving very slowly. As a result, a child develops complex thought process.

 Improved concentration: while learning to play the piano, the children need to have more focus and need to think how to have each hand operate separately.

Learning and reading sheet music requires a good concentration and attention. Therefore a child develops good concentration power and becomes more alert. Child learns how to translate the written notes with correct tempo and rhythm into music. Reading and playing of the music and piano allows children to think in both critical as well as creative manner. This skill is very helpful and will assist them during their lifetime when they choose to undertake any task in the future.

 Improved school performance:  The benefit that children receive from their piano lessons is that these lessons also help them with their school lessons.

Classroom keyboard lessons leads to long-term enhancement in the spatial-temporal abilities of children.  Learning to play a piano can help the children to understand the fundamental concepts behind subjects like science, math, and engineering. It has been noticed that the children who play the piano or any other instrument, score high in their both standard as well as in spatial cognitive development tests. Kids, who play piano, score high in math, especially in areas related to the ratios and fractions.

•  Music appreciation: Complete understanding of the process to play piano and learn music forces a child to think about the individual notes and he learns how to make up a complete musical composition.

It engages children in deep understanding of the music complexity. Through piano classes, children get an exposure to the classical music that was like a strange thing for them earlier.  Children then start to appreciate the composition and composers like Bach or Mozart. Children begin to appreciate music during their lifetime.

•  Being well-rounded: Irrespective of the time duration for which the child learns how to play piano, these lessons are going to help him during his lifetime.

There are many long-term effects of these piano lessons. In addition, they develop skills and knowledge that can help them in the future to play any other instrument easily. Children who undertake the piano lessons develop multiple interests in various hobbies that add to their developing personalities and they become all rounder.  Learning and practicing improves the performance level of the children and this practice can extrapolate in many aspects of their individual lives.

• Confidence: Learning and playing the piano requires lot of hard work and dedication.

By showcasing their new talent at piano recitals children can boost their self esteem.  These lessons also help children to keep a positive outlook towards the life and how to face difficult tasks. They understand that process of mastering a new skill requires patience and it helps children to develop confidence while taking up new tasks, and not to become frustrated or discouraged. Their confidence boosts up and they develop their own self-esteem that comes from mastering the piano.