Learning to play the piano or any other type of keyboard, like a digital piano, or organ is just a matter of multi-tasking. Unfortunately, when you are learning advanced keyboard lessons then that multi-tasking can seem almost impossible, but it isn´t. It’s just a matter of teaching your brain to become accustomed to doing more than one thing with both hands at the same time.

When it comes to advanced keyboard lessons you need to set small goals for yourself so it doesn’t become overwhelming. You have to have goals with all of your lessons otherwise you won´t see yourself advancing in your learning.

You have to practice and that means repeating it over and over until you have mastered the piece. Remember, you are training your body and your brain to do new things when you are teaching yourself to work with both hands on the keyboard. The following tips will help you with your piano learning process.

Become Familiar with the Musical Piece

Before playing any piece of music, even before touching the keyboard look over the entire musical piece. Figure out what key is being used and what the key signature is. Take note of the repeats and the endings. Pay attention to the dynamic markings, the tempo and the rhythm or any other unique part of the piece.

Make Notes

You can write on your own music. In fact, this is very normal for most musicians. Use a pencil as you may change your notes. Always use a pencil, otherwise the marking will all become jumbled.

The Studying will Pay Off

Studying a musical piece before deciding to play it and paying attention to the details will make it easier for you to play the piece. You will better understand how the composer wanted the piece played.


Once you have made your notations, seen all the special nuances, then start practicing the piece the way it should be played. You can learn the components one at a time but this takes longer so you want to try to do it all at once.

Read the Notes

Your eyes should always be on the notes. As an advanced keyboard student you should not have to look at the keys as frequently. You also need to learn to read ahead just as you do when reading any book.

Playing the keyboard, or the piano, is partly about technical skill, but also about artistic skill. It is the developed artistic skill that makes the music your own, and it is what advanced keyboard lessons are about. Remember that just as in any sport or in any artistic endeavor, you need to learn the skills but then be creative with what you learn too.

Learn from the Pro´s

You can take additional courses to the private lessons or current classes you have. This way you can take online courses from professionals and get different types of lessons from what you currently have. This way your practice will be more varied and interesting.