A musical keyboard is the set of adjacent keys placed on a musical instrument. All the twelve notes of the western music can be generated using the keys of the keyboard by pressing the keys for larger or shorter durations which produces various kinds of tones. In an electronic keyboard, pressing a key connects it to a circuit producing the tone.

The twelve notes of the western music are placed with the lower note on the left and the larger keys just forward. These keys are colored white and hence are known as white keys. The rest of the keys which are not a part of the C scale are set black, hence known as black keys.

Keyboards of different types require different techniques to play. The volume of the note is dictated by the movement of the air along the stops which are selected by the player. Even though the keyboard looks to be quite simple but playing it can prove out to be a challenging task. The fingers should be independent of each other while playing a keyboard so that both hard and soft sounds can be produced at the same time.

A person who is likely to buy the keyboard for the first time must take his time to choose the one which he really likes. One should buy a keyboard which when played sends the signal directly to the brain. A great musical keyboard can produce mix songs which are sweeter to hear. Always test the keyboard before buying it. Check if all the keys work properly.

The keyboards do not get better with time, so avoid buying vintage keyboards. It generally happens that the model which a person likes always exceed his budget. If you have a fixed budget then in this case you have to compromise a bit else you can purchase a keyboard having all the features, which is good looking, etc. a beginner should always buy a musical keyboard which is not very expensive because right now the beginner is in the learning phase.

Several other factors which need to be considered before you buy the keyboard involve the cost, number of keys in it, maintenance, portability, styles, etc.  A keyboard with minimum number of 61 keys is what you should look for so that you can play a wide range of songs on it. But you are interested in classical music, and then you should opt for the keyboard with 88 keys.

The keys of the keyboard should be lighter making it ideal for beginners. Keys are generally made harder by placing weights below them. One should always check the touch response that is the sensitivity, according to which if you press the keys lightly a soft sound is produced while a loud sound is produced if the key is pressed hard.

Make sure the keyboard which you are buying can be upgraded with time. Sequencers should be present in the keyboard so that it is easier for you to practice songs with them. Once you decide all these features, the instrument can be bought from a variety of places like your local market, internet, etc.