Do you find yourself enamoured of keyboard instruments? Have you ever fantasized about being the object of adoration of a huge crowd as you give a solo performance? Think carefully before deciding.  Everything is possible with adult keyboard lessons; but before you get into the course, it would help to familiarize yourself with the kind of instrument that you want to play.

There are many kinds of keyboard instruments which are classified according to how they produce sound.  There’s the harpsichord, a chordophone keyboard, which is smaller than a piano but produces very vibrant sound. It became very popular during the 17th and 18th centuries during the Baroque era. It is commonly used in concerts either as a solo instrument or as part of the musical assembly.

There are also pipe organs, aerophone keyboards that make use of air to build sound properties.  When a key is pressed, vibrating air goes through the set of pipes connected to the keyboard and produces a resounding pitch. This exciting instrument has a rich history and had been used in medieval churches. Recently though, it has lost some of its appeal due to its bulk and build.

For many modern musicians their choice of instrument lean towards piano and electric organ. How exactly do these instruments produce music? The keys of the piano keyboard are attached to strings that produce the sound when the keys are pressed.

The keys are very sensitive.  The type and quality of the sound will rely on the pressure applied on the keys.  When pressure is light, the hammer connected to the keyboard will hit the strings gently and will produce a soft sound.   The modern electric organ, on the other hand, uses electric signals to make music. It needs a loudspeaker or headphones to be heard clearly.  This instrument is very portable and can be taken almost anywhere.  It can fit small venues as long as there’s available electrical connection.

If you’re ready to pursue your interest in keyboard instruments, decide on what specific instrument you would like to play.  Ask around or check the Internet for music schools in your area.  Do you have time to attend a regular course?

If you don’t, better get a private teacher who can give you a one-on-one adult keyboard lessons at home during your available schedule.  It is important that you take time to review the profile, achievements and teaching methods of the teacher. Have a chat with the instructor and lay down your expectations. Do not be shy in asking questions. A peaceful and calming learning environment is good for beginners to have.

The keyboard lessons include keyboard basics that every beginner should learn like finger techniques, proper body posture, note recognition, keys identification, musical symbols, scales, tempo, intervals, rests and so on. And most of all, your adult keyboard lesson will let you practice, practice and take on more challenging pieces as you progress.  Expect to have fun as you get more comfortable with your instrument.  Relax and look forward to mastering your favorite songs. In the very near future you will find yourself entertaining an audience with total confidence on your newfound talent.