Tips For Mastering The Saxophone

The saxophone is a woodwind instrument that is usually played with jazz music. There are many kinds of saxophone, but the fundamentals are basically the same. The saxophone might seem like a daunting instrument to learn, but it is actually easy. The only problem with players is their lack of practice and commitment to master it.

There are many tips to play the saxophone better, but first and foremost, you should buy a high-quality instrument. It could cost a couple of grand at least, so you should make sure that you’re serious about playing. If plan to have it for a lifetime, buy a brand new one instead of a used saxophone since there might be damages not easily noticed. Maintain your instrument at its best by constant cleaning and tuning.

The same goes with the reeds. If you have the money, the brands Rico and Van Doren are preferable. They are the most popular singapore saxophone brands in the market. Professional players usually use Van Doren and beginners choose Rico. However, the suitable reed for you may not from these two brands. It would still depend on your decision.

You should also check the position of the mouthpiece. It should be very near your mouth so you won’t need to bend or use your neck. You have to adjust the strap to the most comfortable place else it will tire your neck unnecessarily. When you play, your jaw shouldn’t be tense and the mouthpiece should be sealed by your lips.

Because playing the saxophone requires a large lung capacity, you should practice proper breathing. A relaxed long intake of breath would fill up your lungs with air. Think of how you breathe when yawning and that’s exactly the way to breathe. All you have to do is direct the air to the saxophone so it can have a long, beautiful sound.

A way to improve your playing is by listening to your singapore saxophone idols. Listen to their music whenever you practice and try to copy their style of playing. Of course, you should still render your own interpretation to the music because that’s what would make your playing unique. This is only a guide as to how you would want your music to be heard and also to inspire you to be better. Who else would you want to be compared to except to your idols.

Also, your intonation and sense of rhythm is very important. You can use a tuner and a metronome to practice with this skill. Every singapore saxophone musician has these two skills since they can’t play well without going with the rhythm. If you really want to master these, practice every day like the way every great musician does.

The best tip you should take note of is really to practice. There’s no way you can learn much less master anything unless you practice hard. Don’t get discouraged early on, since it is really difficult at the start. But as you start to play music sheets, it will be more fun and exciting.