Selecting A Jazz Saxophone Teacher

Some people rarely consider the saxophone as their first musical instrument. They think of it as a boring way to make music and therefore not worth the time. That is a common misconception about sax, because it’s actually quite fun. When you hear jazz music, the instrument you’ll primarily notice is the sound of the sax. Listen to it and hear for yourself the truth that it isn’t boring.

Once you’ve gotten used to the idea of learning the saxophone, the first thing you’ll do is buy one. There are many brands you can choose from but be sure to buy a high-quality saxophone. A poor quality will compromise the music you make. After you buy a sax, naturally what you want now is to learn to play it. The best way to learn is by hiring a professional jazz saxophone teacher. The only problem is, how do you select one?

There are listings of music teachers in the web. I’m sure there are also music schools in your town that has a sax teacher to help you. If there are, it’s better to get a jazz saxophone teacher from a qualified school because it’s a guarantee that he’s good. The web can list hundreds of teachers in your area, but can they really teach? You can only know about this once you’ve talked to a former student and have interviewed him yourself.

When choosing jazz saxophone lessons, you must both be comfortable with the saxophone teacher. That makes the two of you relaxed and able to maximize the session. Some students prefer strict teacher, which is good. However, don’t get a terrifying saxophone teacher with whom you won’t enjoy spending time with. Learning a musical instrument is supposed to be enjoyable and not something to be anxious about.

Another thing to consider is the location. Is the school near your house? Will it be a private home lesson? Unless there is no other choice, select a teacher or school that’s near you. That way, not much time is wasted on traveling and you can be more focused on learning. Checking his credentials is also necessary so you know how capable he is. You can ask his former students if you know anyone.

Some people believe that learning the saxophone online is enough to master it. For me, that is a little absurd. You should have a teacher to teach you the basics like holding, posture, blowing, etc. Videos or mere words are not enough to learn everything. Even if the saxophone is fairly easy to learn, mastering it is definitely not easy. You would need the guidance of a professional sax teacher.

Teachers can help you with determining your style, aside from teaching you to play it. If you want to become a skilled musician, your style is very important since it sets you apart from others. You probably won’t find a world-class music instructor, but that’s just fine. As long as the teacher knows what he’s doing, and you learn from him well, it’s a good deal.