Saxophone Jazz Lessons

The saxophone is a conical shaped instrument made up of brass with a single mouthpiece. The saxophone is commonly used with popular music, big bands, and particularly jazz. Jazz is a kind of strong music with complex rhythms. It was first played at the beginning of the twentieth century by black musicians. Jazz musicians often add notes in unusual or unexpected places. Tunes are made up by them as they play.

Today various kinds of jazz music exist. Jazz began with three instruments namely a cornet, trumpet, and a violin. Jazz blends in it other forms of music also giving it an American music form. In jazz, musicians often give solo performance, the melody of which is prepared on the spot. The rhythm gets quite complex if more than one singer is singing jazz.

Some of the steps which need to be followed to play jazz using saxophone include:

  • A person must know how to play a saxophone before beginning to play jazz. For this purpose you need not purchase a jazz mouthpiece, a selmer C S80 works great for jazz. Jazz music comes from the soul and not from the equipment, so don’t listen to those who force you to buy a mouthpiece to play jazz.
  • It is not necessary for you to buy a mouthpiece but jazz reeds are highly recommended. Jazz music is produced through your creativity and not through the mouthpiece, so ignore the people who force you to use mouthpiece to play jazz.
  • Jazz is a different form of music which is more unpredictable and comes out from the soul and so to play this kind of music one needs to change their mindset. Timing is important with jazz, so one needs to be patient while playing jazz.
  • One needs to create their own sound using your creativity and imagination. All the seven modes should be learnt before starting to play jazz.
  • One should listen to great jazz players as listening is very important for developing a jazz style. A person can join a jazz band which is the best way to get a hand on the instrument. You can take individual classes from some professionals which can help you learn some good points about jazz.
  • Jazz music is made up of different scales and so practicing your scales is equally important. One needs to learn all his chords since they make the foundation of the music.

At the time of practicing the jazz music, one needs to keep with him a copy-pencil. It helps you to note down your mistakes and your experiences which can help you in your future practicing sessions. To learn proper jazz music, one needs to practice regularly and dedicatedly with the instrument which makes them to think more broadly about their chords.

One should never take the jazz music lightly since mastering it requires a lot of practice. Regular practicing of jazz music helps to keep them in regular touch of the music which also helps them to improve their notes.