Tips In Excelling In Adult Saxophone Lessons

The saxophone instrument was invented by Adolphe Sax who wanted an instrument that would blend brass and woodwind instrument sounds. Today, this is a wonderful instrument to learn to play for both adults and children. However, children have an easier time of learning to play a musical instrument, primarily because they have more time to dedicate to the process.

The Type of Sax

The first thing you need to do once you have decided to take Singapore saxophone lessons is to choose the type of saxophone you want. This instrument comes in different sizes, tunings and is made to play in different types of music. The most common saxophones are the baritone, alto, tenor, and soprano. These are also classified as two types that of the military band, or the orchestral type. Although there are different types of saxophones they all have the same mechanism and fingerings, so once you learn one type you can generally play any type of saxophone.

Purchase the saxophone you can afford and get the accessories you need to play it too. Before you purchase it do a little research and find out which one is best for the type of music you are interested in. Most music stores have baritone, alto and tenor saxes in stock. Go to more than one store to find the right price. The more unusual saxophones are a little more difficult to find but you can probably locate one online.

Other Accesories

You will also need a mouthpiece, if the sax does not come with the instrument. These can be found at the local Singapore Saxophone store. Don’t purchase the cheapest one but a mid priced mouthpiece will do just fine.

Get a ligature if it does not come with the instrument. The metal ones are fine, but the leather ones produce a better sound and last longer. Be sure to buy one the right size for your sax.

You will also need a reed which comes in several strengths and is rated between 1 and 5 with 1 being the softest, and 5 being the hardest. Since, you are beginning get one somewhere in the middle. Later you will experiment and find the one that produces the right tone for you.

The neck strap is also very important when you are playing the saxophone. Every sax no matter what the size needs a neck strap which allows you to support the instrument and free your fingers. These come in many materials, so you need to find one that is comfortable for you.

Get a swab, made of cotton or silk. This is pulled through the instrument to get rid of any leftover moisture from playing. They come in different sizes and lengths and the size you need, will depend on the type of sax you are playing.

You will also need a fingering chart. This will show you which keys to use to produce a certain note. You can get these from the internet or they come with a method book.

You will also need a method book. This is needed so you can refer to it and emphasize what you are learning in Singapore Saxophone class, and you can use it to practice with. These have short passages of music that become more complicated as you progress in your learning method.