How To Master The Saxophone

Mastering a saxophone is extremely exciting but requires some effort. It requires a lot of practice and expansion of your knowledge of the saxophone in order to succeed.

A strong desire and passion to excel are the best traits in order to learn and master the saxophone quickly. Before starting on lessons with the saxophone, it is necessary that your saxophone is of right quality according to your requirements. Currently, there are normally 14 different types of saxophones. The two most popular one are alto and tenor.

These two types of saxophones vary in sizes and shapes. Usually kids are advised to play on alto saxophones as it is smaller in size, comfortable to hold and easily adjustable to the size of kids’ mouth.

Lets’ discuss about some tips for mastering the saxophone:

The first thing to note is that the saxophone purchased should be comfortable for you to produce variations in sounds. If needed, before purchasing, we recommend experimenting with it for achieving different high and low notes. The quality and type of saxophone selected is of utmost important as it impacts your ability to create sexy and jazzy saxophone music.

Position your fingers carefully to move the reed ups and down in order to play the musical notes on your saxophone.   Holding it too tight or loose will hamper the quality of your playing as it affects the vibration and sounds. Constant practice and determination is needed to become a master of the saxophone as you need to control the saxophone vibrations for the different tones.

You can use various saxophone techniques which will improve your sounds and make it more melodious. Tonguing, growling, slurring and note bending are some techniques which are taught in saxophone lessons in Singapore.

Additional factors to take note are the air pressure, diaphragm control and manipulating the tongue position in order to produce excellent saxophone sounds. However always remember that your upper lip is always closed while playing.

Concentration is the best trait of excellent saxophonists. A lot of concentration and focus is needed to master this instrument as you are acquiring new skills . Devote your mind and soul to the song you are playing and coordinate with power your finger and mouth movements.

A regular two to three hours practice session is essential to accelerate your learning abilities. As we all know that practice makes one perfect so visualizing your end result, being excited about playing the saxophone well and being committed to it will benefit you greatly.

Your practice session should fun in order to encourage you and even increase your interest. For this purpose you should practice easy notes and progress to long notes. It is of great help if you make notes on improving for all the sessions and practice them on regular basis to improve your sound quality.

Mastering a saxophone is not done overnight. It requires a lot time to excel which may take several years.