Alto Saxophone Lessons

The saxophone is a woodwind instrument which has three kinds that are identified by their size and sound. Of the three, the most commonly used today is the alto saxophone. We can see this instrument in jazz music and some orchestras. The alto saxophone will be an exciting instrument for a student to learn because of the unique quality and beauty of the music that it produces.

The first thing an interested student must to do to learn the alto saxophone is of course, to buy one. High end saxophones are priced anywhere from $ 1,000 to $ 2,000. You could probably buy a used saxophone, but take note that you would have to replace the mouthpiece. The best brands for an alto saxophone are Yamaha and Selmer, but you could definitely choose something other than those two. You might also want to buy a few necessary accessories like a neck strap, case, cleaning cloth, reeds and cork grease.

There are many methods that you can choose from to learn this instrument. The best way would be to hire a professional Singapore Saxophone instructor. He can teach you the basics of saxophone like how to blow correctly and how to read notes. Take these things seriiously. You cannot honestly progress with the lessons if you cannot blow in the proper manner or be unable to read notes.

You will find many Saxophone instructors online and in music schools. It’s better to go to a music school, because the Singapore Saxophone teachers there are experienced and can teach you face-to-face. What’s off-putting about music schools are the expensive tuitions. Generally, a Singapore Saxophone teacher in a school is more expensive because it is most effective type of learning, unlike other online ways to learning. Plus, the internet is saturated with competetive professionals offering their services to aspiring sax players.

If you don’t want to pay for saxophone lessons, you could do it yourself. Let me remind you though, that you may not reach the highest level of learning because of the limited lessons you can get from books and videos. There is actually a correct way of blowing air into the mouthpiece, you could get this wrong if you do not have a good instructor.

Keep your upper teeth on top of the mouthpiece and your lower lip slightly curled at the bottom of it. There are different ways of blowing and each produce different sound and tone quality. Experiment with other methods and find the perfect one that will help you with playing well. Whatever method you choose, you should always keep a firm seal around the mouthpiece, so all the air blown out will help to produce sounds.

Right after you have practiced your blowing, you have to learn all the notes of the alto saxophone. Get yourself a book or a manual from where you can get instructions of what keys to press to produce the correct notes. Practice long and hard, and sooner or later, you’ll be able to play a whole music sheet. Find the style of music you like and play it for your family and friends.