Beginner Drum Lessons

If you are getting weary and frustrated of dreaming the drums rather of really feeling and playing the thumping beats, it’s time to go to the next level and sign for drum lessons in Singapore.   

In reality, drumming is simple.  A lot of people are normally intimidated by the complex beats the drum and drummer produce.  But in reality, these beats are just variations of simple patterns.  It’s true! 

Anyone can study the drums in Singapore.  All it needs is active studying and familiarity and mastery of these easy beats and patterns.  Soon you’ll be professional of the drum set. 

Before anything else, take the initial step first.  One of the most fundamental lessons in drums and music is sheet reading.  Yes, drums make notes too and you will have to know how to read the sheet music so that you’ll hit the right drum and produce the right sound. 

There are different symbols which will be familiarized as time goes by, but sheet reading is the foot which will enable you to play the drums. 

The primary focus of a newbie drum student should be how the beats should be counted and how the subdivisions link to each other.  For beginners, they are commonly instructed how to count by beating on a single drum.  A clean 4/4 time is usually taught.  A metronome may be used to help while tapping.  

Knowing how to play with a single beat may be tiring and persistent to some but becoming expert on these two skills is essential.  As you progress, you can learn new beats, more complicated hits and other drum techniques.    

Rushing will only hamper your growth and it would be much to master the fundamentals before venturing further.  Of course, once you determine that you are prepared for more, there are intermediate and advanced drum lessons  in Singapore for more practiced drummers out there.