Today it has become a trend to learn more and more new instruments and flute is among them. Today parents are also forcing their children to learn flute and to take part in the competitions worldwide.

Before you get your child a new flute, make sure you also have made arrangements to provide your child with best flute instructor and best flute lessons.

The easiest way to impart your child flute instruction is by the help of a flute teacher. Before selecting a best flute teacher you should carry out proper survey and consult all the references. There should be no compromise while selecting the flute instructor. You should prefer that teacher only who has deep knowledge and experience in the field.

It’s very important to provide the child with the complete instruction set before he begins to handle the instrument. They should know how to reach the keys without any strain in their neck and hands.

Generally for the beginners a flute with the curved head joint is recommended by the teachers also. It has been seen that for the smaller players, the process of switching to the straight head joint quickly is very difficult.

But it becomes easy as the child grows more and more in terms of the stature and he musical ability. A beginner should have knowledge about the correct posture while playing the instrument. This knowledge most of the time is provided by the instructor.

A C flute is considered as a best-known flute for the beginners. There are many other flutes like brass flute and an alto flute that are included in the family of the flutes. Initially the children are provided with the C flute so that they can learn how to play notes and can gain some experience. Once the child becomes perfect with it, he is then made to handle more complex flutes that were mentioned above.

Below are given some useful tips that need to follow by the parents before making their children to play the flute:

First of all, you must buy the beginner’s flute book if you are not able to select the instructor for your child. These books can be the First Band division Method book written by Fred Weber.

Besides this, parents can also give their children that teach about the fingering techniques and act as a fingering guide. You can also search for various books on the scales.

After getting the book, the children should be encouraged to practice and to make noises from their mouth piece. This method is also used to blow across the holes that are present in the flute.

Pursing the lips loosely helps to make a low tone and pursing them tight and then blowing them sharply makes a kind of a higher tone.

Children can make use of the fingering charts that are given in various books to practice the scales.

After practicing without flute, now children should try to practice the first song with the help of the flute.