If you are a beginner, you may find it difficult to decide a flute course for yourself. A person wants to learn how to play the flute may not know where to learn or how to begin .

He or she may feel shy to learn how to play the instrument in front of a gathering; want to learn in their homes in order to have privacy. These are some of the considerations while selecting a flute course.

There are different courses for all types of learners and one has to know which one to select. If you are a beginner you select the basic course, if you have learned a bit and want to improve there are middle level courses and for someone who wants to learn further there are advanced courses.

For a beginner, he will have to learn how to sound your first tone with practice. This may take sometime and the student at this stage does not have to worry about getting the notes right as it will come gradually. A student learns the first note without pressing any key. The next step is how to hold the flute correctly.

For this, a learner will have to see all the important angles and decide on the most comfortable one in order to play effortlessly. To learn how to place which finger where on the flue one gets a chart to see and learn from by oneself.

For practice learn a simple tune with just a few notes to start with. In the next few weeks, learn the breathing techniques whatever may be your age as it is crucial in flute playing.

To play the flute, you have to hold your breath for a long time and this is not easy for everyone and needs considerable breathing practice.

As one gets easy with the breathing, try and learn three new notes along with their names to improve your playing. Gradually advance to other tunes of 3-6 notes as it will give you the confidence. In the meantime, a learner has to learn how to read music, study simple techniques if he is serious about flute playing.

In flute playing too one has various courses. As mentioned above if one is a beginner one has to learn the basic steps and one proceeds further there are advanced courses that help the student to master the instrument in no time.

Usually it takes years of tireless practice t o reach a level of perfection as is with other instruments but if one has the passion and the dedication to learn flute playing it is not impossible. It requires patience and the desire to learn and after that it is easy.

It is important to add here that to learn the flute, one does have to work a lot on one’s own breathing as it will only help the flutist to play beautifully.

It seems difficult at first but with the necessary practice, one can master the technique and mesmerize the audience with great tunes and melodies.