Flute appears to some to be a complicated instrument. But in reality, it is actually one of the easiest musical instrument to learn for anybody. Of course, the student has an advantage if he has the air capacity of a swimmer or singer.

Flutes are played by blowing into it, to produce the sounds. Once you stop blowing, the sound stops. If you want to know how to learn the flute, then a few instructions and tips below will get you through the basics.

First thing to do is to acquire a flute to practice on. This will determine if you really like the instrument enough to learn it. If you’re not excited about it, maybe this isn’t for you. Beginners are advised to get the closed-hole flute to start with.

A regular flute has three parts – the head joint, the foot joint and the embouchure. Try to practice air blows in the head joint before putting the whole flute together. Put the lip plate just below your lips and purse your lips, take a deep breath, and blow. Don’t worry if sound doesn’t come out the first time. It takes time, so you have to practice with this first step.

Second step is to learn how to hold the instrument in the proper manner. With the flute correctly placed in your mouth, the rest of the flute should be on your right side. Your right hand is farther from the mouthpiece, and it should be faced away from you. Your left hand will be nearer your face and the palm is facing you.

Proper posture should also be recognized as this can compromise the sound coming out. You can sit down or stand up, but either way, the flute should be held a little below parallel. Keep in mind that the weight of the flute will be hard on your hands. Your hands will get really sore, so make sure you relax them to reduce discomfort. In addition, your head should be a little up. This will ensure that air flows are unhampered in the air channels.

Memorizing the fingering rules for each note is highly essential, if you want to be good at playing the flute. You can buy a chart that has the complete fingering and practice a lot. After familiarizing yourself with the notes, you have to warm up every time you use the flute. This will make it easier for you to play music sheets. Also, this will let you know whether your instrument is in tune.

When you play the flute, spit will naturally accumulate in it. This is the main reason why it needs regular thorough cleaning. You can polish it with the use of a clean cloth.

What you learned here are just the basics. If you can master the more difficult flute lessons on your own, then good for you. Getting your own Singapore flute instructor is another good idea. The Singapore Flute teacher can teach you the proper way of learning the flute. If you have bad habits while playing, he will notice it and scold you. Just one thing that you cannot teach yourself without help.