An activity that is immensely fun and can be a great group activity is singing lessons. In fact, if you have a couple of teens at home this makes a great family sharing activity.

Group singing lessons are great at developing self esteem in teens and there are a few great reasons why you would want to participate in singing lessons with them.

First singing lessons really interest teenagers, especially girls, and if you participate with them then you learn with them and share in something that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Participating in group singing lessons will give you and your teen the opportunity to meet new people, learn more about themselves, and others, and teach them a new skill.

If you have a shy, introspective teen at home then singing lessons gives them a great way of meeting lots of new people, especially people that have the same interest in music as they do.

Being part of a group and performing in public can really bolster a teens self esteem. Besides, learning to sing can help them in other areas of their education too. For instance, did you know that kids who take some type of music lesson have an easier time of expressing themselves? They also tend to do better in math and in languages when they take music lessons. People that take singing lessons tend to enunciate words better and have a larger vocabulary. Kids who take some type of music instruction tend to do better at math as well. Many studies have been done which say that people who study music have a better overall understanding of other subjects.

There is no question about it, there are many different advantages to singing lessons. But above all group singing lessons are fun. There are many educational benefits in it, but they are also a great way to share an experience with an older child, sibling, or friend.

Now the question is where do you find good group singing lessons? There are actually a number of places you can look. You can join a church, community, or city choir, and often the director also teaches singing.

You can also take private lessons as a group. This way you can divide the cost of the teacher by the number in the group.

Another alternative, especially if your budget is tight and time is constrained, are online singing lessons. Believe it or not, but there really is such a thing, and it can easily be done through video conferencing, and audio. You don’t need special equipment, just your computer and a fast internet connection.

The point is that no matter what method of singing lessons you decide to take, they are a lot of fun. You learn to sing pieces that you want and you can perform as a group in front of friends and family. Who knows what else life has to offer you once you have acquired these great skills.