To master a music instrument is always a serious decision. To master a complex instrument is even more serious and believe me, drums are one of the most fun but complex instruments. Of course it is not difficult to get behind the drum set and learn some basic beats.

But mastering the drums at the advanced level requires hours of practice, lot of lessons, good physical form and various additional gear.

It could be problematic

The drum set has two main problems – lot of space, lot of noise. Don’t expect that you will be able to practice in your flat (if you don’t have some special anti-noise measures), also don’t expect that any small room will be okay.

Any advanced drum set requires lot of space because of additional cymbals, and you require some space to get behind it and feel comfortable while you’re playing. Also if you plan to travel with your drum gear – it will be a problem. Drums are large, they often don’t fit in usual vehicles and cymbals can be easily damaged during transportation.

Of course in the beginning, you can practice by drumming with your sticks on padded magazines. It is a great substitute for the drum kit and cost effective too.

It might require some investment

This is the thing that no one would probably tell you, but drumming can get quite expensive. A minimal set of cymbals, few sets of sticks, comfortable shoes, some other gear; you’ll have to buy a lot of stuff if you want to become a drummer.

A good way to reduce money spent on drumsticks and cymbals is to take some professional drum lessons. Utilize the equipment of the drum teacher and practice during lessons or even rent it sometimes. With this, you master the drums fast, enjoy the professional drum kit and save costs.

It is like a workout

Drumming is like a workout, it doesn’t matter if you are hammering down some metal, or laying some nice bossa nova beats. It requires concentration, so after a rehearsal or lesson you will feel tired. If you aim to become a professional drummer, you’ll have to pay attention to your practice right from the beginning.

If you happen to play some exercises while sitting in a wrong position for a long time you can end up with loading the wrong muscles, which leads to minor muscular damages. Playing drums (especially extreme drumming) is the most exhausting musical activity; it is basically a sport. You often see professional drummers with bottles water, towels and covered in sweat.

It will be fun

After all this horrible truth you read in this article, I want to tell you the main thing – drumming is fun. It is both music and workout, both creating rhythms and creating melodies (yes this is possible).

A drummer is the heart of any band and playing drums is nothing like you have ever experienced. I know a lot of completely different people that share one love for drumming – and for all of them it is always more than just a hobby.