Singing is a natural gift from god for some. But there are others who can master singing by following 5 simple techniques to improve their vocals. Even for singers’ who naturally have vocal talent by birth, they also need continuous practice to improve their singing abilities and quality of their voices.

Practice makes perfect and this is possible through the constant dedication and strong desire to improve yourself in this singing industry. With so much of competition in this industry, there is strong need to improve your singing abilities and cultivate your personal style in order to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Let’s discuss about the various singing techniques to improve your singing abilities. There are numerous singing techniques but I am listing only five of them:

Firstly, breathing techniques before singing should be deep and long. Take a deep breath from the belly to reach longer and loud notes. It does not matter in the genre of songs as deep breathing exercises allows you to achieve a much louder and clearer singing voice. In order to perfect this, we recommend signing up for meditation and yoga classes which will help you achieve deep control over your breath.

Secondly, tongue twisters are another good way to improve your singing skills. This is a practice where   all the mouth muscles work to gain flexibility and to increase the blood circulation. You will enjoy these tongue twister exercises or warm ups because it is fun and entertaining. This will allow you to have be entertained while doing vocal warm ups while benefitting from better singing voice and quality later.

In every song, there are high and low notes which need to be created in order for a beautiful melody. Singing in a flat note is not popular at all. Moreover, singing on high notes only increases your perception as a singing expert . You can tap into various techniques to understand your vocal ranges better.

And for the vocal ranges in which you lack in, it can be learned through vocal lessons. Employ an experienced vocal teacher in Singapore who will help you stretch your vocal chords and allow you to hit the high notes effortlessly.

If you are not able to get the notes properly then take a deep breath and relax for a while. After a short break, close your eyes to experience the notes and concentrate stretching your vocal chords in order to hit them.

Never scream or shout while practicing as it affects the quality of your voice adversely. This has a very bad effect on the voice quality and your singing ability. Never sing harshly and avoid smoking as it deteriorates your singing ability.


Regular practice is what every singer needs. This knowledge is not enough to be a good singer. There is no shortcut to become good singer. A lot of time and effort have to be invested regularly and your devotion can only rule over your singing chords over time.