In case you don’t know – a decision to master a violin is a really serious decision, so before you spend money on purchasing a violin and pay for a violin course it is better to know what to expect from violin lessons .

The violin speaks to us from many different cultures and in many languages, but for example there will be hardly a course for folk violin or gypsy violin. At a usual violin course you will learn the general violin basics that every Singapore violin player needs, so in this article we tried to summarize the basics that you will face when mastering the violin.

What you need to expect is professional violin lessons. You can’t just pick up a violin and play a song at the end of the day. It took hundreds of years to create the violin as we know it and to learn all its secrets. So when you approach this instrument, feel like you are approaching something old and beautiful.

The violin lessons will take not too much time, but to play violin well you will need a lot of time, especially in the beginning. You will need to hold it right, to play it right and to care for it right. So there will be a lot of things to learn and countless hours of practice. This will be a real challenge but eventually you will master the real beauty. The more you give to the violin, the more it gives to you back.

Before you start the violin lessons, make sure that it is fully customized according to your violin progress. At some points you will want to spend different amounts of time on mastering or practising certain aspects, so a flexible violin course will be the best solution.

That’s why duration of a violin course can vary depending on your skill and learning speed. But in any case don’t expect to finish the violin course within a month or two. Also learning alone or in a group is a big difference.

When you play in a group you learn to interact with other violin players and acquire unique insights to playing the instrument.

However on the flip side, you might be slowed down by the general group course, if you are learning faster than other students. Private violin lessons might help you not only to become a better violinist, but also to become a better performer as the violin teacher will guide you into mastery.

To play a violin you will need a lot of theory and a very good musical ear. This is a serious instrument that requires a lot of theoretical knowledge. Of course you can master it mechanically, but this won’t be the actual playing.

As soon as you try to play with other musician without the notes, you have achieved an exceptional level. So if you have time it is better to learn some musical theory basics before the course, it will make the learning easier and more understandable.