Most parents want their children to learn and experience creativity through lessons. Parents will enroll their children in different forms of art like painting, ballet and even music classes with the hope that their children might take interest in some artistic expression. When it comes to music, parents with a preference for classical music would select violin schools for their kids to get acquainted with.

There are several violin schools in Singapore which you can choose from but there are also private violin lessons taught in Singapore. There are different pros and cons in deciding between a violin school in Singapore or a private violin lesson teacher.


What Factors Matter? 

There are a couple of factors you should consider between choosing private lessons and violin school in Singapore. A private lesson would basically mean that a teacher would teach your children to play violin at home or at their home.

However the violin school in Singapore would teach your children with a group of children preferably of the same age and at their teaching campus. You should also consider the fees involved in both the teaching sources.


The Quality of Violin Lessons 

The quality of violin lessons is one of the most important points to be considered. With the private lessons, you can expect higher quality of teaching since you are usually given the option to select the teacher who is usually of a higher qualification and experience. In addition, most highly qualified violin teachers are usually teaching privately.

For a violin school in Singapore, you need to refer to reputation and standards of the school to find out about their credentials in grooming students. The lesson would be conducted together with several students and might be difficult to get exclusive time with the violin teacher.

Therefore, if you were looking to maximize the violin lessons, it would be recommended to hire a private violin teacher who is able to coach you individually.


Flexibility of Violin Lessons Schedule 

Violin Schools in Singapore follow a fixed schedule; date and timing for the lessons. In the situation where a lesson is cancelled, there is a risk of not having your fee refunded as the lesson must go on.

For a private violin lesson, it is much easier to change the schedule and timing of the violin lessons. With a call, the date can be changed to another date.

If you adhere to a very strict or inflexible schedule, it is recommended to hire a private violin teacher to prevent any loss of payments through missing the class.


Cost of Lesson 

Private lessons demand a higher fee as the violin teachers are travelling to your place and providing individualized attention. As for the violin school in Singapore, the cost of sharing the violin teacher with other student reduces the price quite a bit.


Other considerations

The other point of consideration is the student’s preferences. There are some students who prefer a group environment to learn and compare for faster learning. Whereas other students require a private teacher to learn violin personally in order to pick it up faster.

In order to make the best decision, it is recommended to go through the above factors to decide if it is better to go to a violin school or hire a private violin teacher.