If you don’t know how to read notes yet, expect to do so after a few violin lessons for beginners. You can’t play a song if you can’t read.

This is an easy step, because violins can only reach about three scales and there are only twelve notes. What’s difficult will be to know what string to use and where exactly to press it. I myself had a hard time doing it. But with constant practice, you will be able to do it soon enough.

You should expect to improve steadily. As a beginner, you have no way of going but up. This is good, because with each improvement you make, you are going to be more encouraged to continue on. Although the rate of improvement depends on you, finding a good teacher and having the support of your parents will make things easier.

Another thing to expect is frustration and having more patience. A little frustration is inevitable. Like everything else in this world, learning a new skill takes time and patience. You’re going to make a lot of mistakes along the way. This doesn’t mean that you’re bad, because everyone has gone through the same thing.

Learning a new instrument is better when the student is young. They have an easier time remembering, since they don’t have to concentrate on other things. Adults can still learn, no doubt.

However, their fingers won’t be as nimble as a child’s. Practising a lot after their violin lessons for beginners is the solution to this problem. So really, everyone can learn.

Don’t expect things to be easy. Violin, no matter how easy it seems to play, is rather a difficult instrument to play. First, your hands will get tired of holding the violin up for long periods of time. Second, the exact locations of the notes are difficult to distinguish. And third, it takes commitment to learn.

When you are committed to practising for violin lessons for beginners, even if you’re having a difficult time, you’ll continue on. You will have to constantly practise.

Although it is difficult, try to keep a good attitude while learning. Don’t vent your frustrations by refusing to practice. Instead, be more enthusiastic. In the end, you’re going to appreciate every little hardship you had to endure. Being able to play for your family and friends is a great accomplishment.