Why choose the Suzuki Violin Method for your child?  Older teaching styles have not stood up to the Suzuki method.

Invented by Shinichi Suzuki (b. 1898, d.1998), a renowned violinmaker, teacher and player, Suzuki Violin has been long touted as the method to teach young children how to play the violin.  The idea is simple, music is a language and children are most capable of learning a new language at a young age.

Children are introduced to Suzuki Violin as young as possible, so that playing is considered like a natural function.  Therefore they are introduced to playing by ear before they are able to read.

Traditional music teachers have criticised in the past, who felt that the child would have to work harder to learn to read music at a later age, but the same could be said for learning your native language- You will learn to speak it before you learn to read it.

Today, Suzuki Violin teachers have begun to incorporate basic reading into their lessons so that it will be easier for the child to continue on easily in his studies.

Children are also taught to play and practise their violin in a group, so they learn to play in unison and also to encourage and inspire each other. Parents are also an integral part of learning.

Parents reinforce what the child has learned at home and also oversee practice.  This is a great benefit to both parent and child, as the parent does not need to be a violinist himself but simply encourages and aids in practice.

 Benefits of Suzuki Violin:

  • The young child learns music as naturally as it does his native language
  • Instruments are scaled down to size in order to fit comfortably in small hands
  • Group playing encourages camaraderie, support and the ability to play in unison at an early age
  • Frequent opportunity to play before an audience breeds confidence and natural ability to play before a crowd
  • Giving a child the gift of music gives him the gift of success not just in music, but other disciplines, such as math and the ability to think logically
  • A peer group of other players, interested in Suzuki Violin sets a good foundation for future peers
  • A Suzuki Violin teacher provides not only learning, but support, encouragement and the nurturing necessary to groom a talented and confident violinist