Learning to play the violin in Singapore – what options are available?

Playing the violin has grown in the past few years and Singapore has many opportunities for the violin student. There are many music schools that include violin studies and they all have something to offer. Some focus on younger students while others welcome adults as well.

For younger students, many schools offer many music-related activities that help develop the student’s initial understanding and appreciation of music. They also stress the importance of having fun playing the violin or other musical instrument. Learning to work with and perform with other students is also part of the training.

Many of the schools that accept adult students go beyond the study of classical music. Students are exposed to the role the violin plays in Jazz and popular music of the day and in some cases, are given an opportunity to learn and play in a variety of styles.

If the violin student is interested in passing the Associate Board Royal School Music examination, there are schools that offer instruction to that end.

These schools often present studies in musical notation, sight singing, and composition along with violin instruction. Such programs are a little more demanding than others and require more of a commitment from the student.

It’s safe to say that every violin school or program in Singapore stresses the importance of proper technique.

The violin is more challenging than other musical instruments as learning the techniques for proper bowing and note placement can be difficult at first. Although programs differ slightly, all provide a number of exercises to improve playing technique and handling of the instrument.

Perhaps the best option for learning the violin is through private lessons. The best violin teachers choose to teach privately as it gives them the most freedom with regard to scheduling lesson times (as opposed to the set curriculum of a school). This benefits the student as well as they can select a lesson time that is convenient.

There are a number of accomplished private violin teachers in Singapore yet they are somewhat difficult to find.

Singapore Violin Lessons (SingaporeViolinLessons.com) acts as an agent for the finest teachers in Singapore and focuses on the personalized placing of the student with a teacher who can offer the best possible results.

One-on-one instruction allows the teacher to focus on a single student’s particular needs. Students learn more quickly and can be playing well in a matter of weeks.

A private teacher can quickly identify and correct bad habits and if the student has a particular weakness, a private teacher can provide them with customized studies and exercises. Every violinist of note mentions a particular private instructor who inspired him and contributed greatly to his success.

For those players with a competitive nature, The National Arts Council of Singapore offers its biennial National Piano and Violin Competition as a opportunity (and incentive) for violin players to master their skills. The competition has different categories for players of different ages and experience, and cash rewards are offered.