It’s almost impossible to be an expert violinists without having formal training. Some people may prefer an online violin course, but still many experts will tell you that having the actual physical lesson is still the best way to learn violin.

There’s a big difference when you have a teacher beside you who can correct on-the-spot for every mistake made. It is bound to make you a better player quicker. You will have the guidance and authority to make you study harder and avoid early mistakes.

So how can you find an ideal violin lesson for beginners? It’s really not that difficult since there are many qualified teachers who can teach you the tricks inside and out. You just have to look for them although there are also incompetent violinists passing for a professional teacher.

The easiest way to find a good teacher is by asking your friends about theirs. But first, make sure that your friend is really benefiting from the teacher or the lessons and is showing improvement on his playing. If he is, getting a recommendation from him is a great start.

Also, a fool-proof way to get a great violinist is by contacting a local symphony musician. There should be many teachers working as part-time instructors in your area. Remember that not all good players are good teachers. Ideally, you should first interview him, ask about his teaching experience, and let him teach you a few lessons. If indeed he improved your or your child’s playing skills, you can hire him for long-term lessons.

Determine what time will be convenient for you or your child to take the lessons and present that time to the teacher. This is the essence of an ideal violin lesson, that you can have it at your preferred schedule. If the time is not convenient, try another teacher who can accommodate your preferred schedule.

If your child is the one who will take the beginner violin lessons, then ask about it in his school. As part of their curriculum, many schools actually offer musical instrument lessons. If that’s the case, then apply your child for the violin lesson. It’s free and you’re assured of the quality of teaching being provided.

However, if you really prefer an online beginner’s course, you still can. Just find a good instructor who can teach the most basic up to the level you currently want to learn.

There is a proper way to hold the bow, and this should be taught correctly and in detail. The video you will buy should also have perfect audios and visuals; else the beginner violin lesson is really of no use.

Finally, the lessons should definitely include some exercise materials for the student to learn. A large part of the learning depends on practice, and this should be something you should do a lot of.

As you can see, there are many ways to learn to play the violin. Do not settle for a teacher who will not be an effective one for the job. The violin is a great instrument, but it is only at its best when played beautifully and perfectly.