Do you have a love for the violin? Do you want to learn it as soon as possible? But many will agree that this is not an easy instrument to learn. It really takes dedication and work.

However, finding the right class and the right teacher is a key element in being successful. Before signing up for a class, first decide if you will learn more effectively in a group or under private tutorial. The decision has to rely on your general lifestyle and if you want the lessons for yourself or for your children.

Whether the violin lessons are for yourself or your child, you will still have to decide on a few things.

Personal Attention Vs. Learning from Peers

In individual lessons you get personal attention from a violin teacher, and all the practice time is dedicated to you. This is advantageous for some, but others prefer and seem to do better in a group class. Individual classes may prove more beneficial for the beginner lessons, where you will be taught intonation, techniques and music theories. However, when it’s time to learn harmony, then it may be best to join a group class.

Some studies have shown that ensemble work, or group work needs to be just as important as learning technique. Musicians who share their gift learn to love and appreciate their violin music even more. Being in a group creates interaction that provides enjoyment and the sharing of ideas and helpful techniques.

Children Violin Lessons

A very popular method of learning the violin for children is the Suzuki violin lesson. This method emphasizes group learning. The concept behind group learning is to immerse and surround the children with music. To be surrounded it is important that they listen to the music and then participate in it. There is value to be found in a group setting where the younger children learn from others, especially from those more advanced in learning.

Adults Violin Lessons

Adults may prefer individualized classes because there is a certain amount of privacy, and the teacher will go at the pace of the adult learner.

Many things about the Suzuki method make it difficult for adults to flourish, while some of them are uncomfortable with the traditional group classes. Instead of quitting the violin class altogether a great option may be to take individualized classes.

Taking group or individual classes depends on the student and his particular situation. For children group classes may be the best option whereas, some adults may prefer private classes. On the other hand, other adults also prefer group violin lessons classes because it is a way of interacting with others and there is a slightly reduced cost for group violin classes.