Because violin is a popular choice of instrument to play, many parents want their children to play it. Not only do violins show sophistication, but also patience and diligence.

Many musical instruments are difficult to master, and the violin is just one of them. To learn this, students must have certain qualities and more importantly, a good teacher.

There are many violin schools with good reputation that offer reasonable rates. There are some that are relatively affordable, when you take into consideration the things that you will be learning. However, there’s something much better than going to a violin school which is having your private home violin lessons.

There are many benefits of private home violin lessons in Singapore. Rather than the student going to the school, it is the school that is brought to the student’s house. That’s the main appeal which parents and students alike want to experience.

This is definitely a great advantage to parents who have very little time to spare but still want their child to learn to play the violin. Having a private home violin lesson in Singapore means parents don’t have to drive their child to the school, wait for them to finish, and probably waste time in traffic or other aggravations. They would have more quality time with their children this way.

Another benefit home lesson is going by the student’s own pace. For students who are naturally slow learners, this is something for them to consider. Just before the instructor arrives, they can do warm-ups to better prepare their fingers. Going to a violin school, on the other hand, means the student cannot start playing a few minutes earlier.

For the very young students, preference is more on home violin lessons. They feel more comfortable and more secure in a place they feel at home in. In violin schools, they have to adjust first before they can really concentrate on the lesson.

Besides, young children want someone they love to watch them all the time. What better place can they get that than in their own homes?

Although there are benefits of private home violin lessons, there is also a weakness. Expect the costs to be higher than regular school tuition. The reason behind this, is the extra travel that is involved when teachers take on private home tutorials.

This creates additional expenses for them. Instead of teaching another student, they have to travel. So honestly, opt for a home lesson if the parents are too busy or they have lots of money.

Take note though, that whatever kind of lesson you go for, having a good instructor is still the key. There is no way the students will learn if the teachers are poor at giving instructions.

Before you acquire their services, test out their competence. You can interview them and ask them to demo teach for you. If they fall short of your expectations, then it will be better to find somebody more competent. Some schools concentrate on private home lessons, so try them out.