How To Find A Good Violin Teacher?

Selecting a good violin teacher can seem daunting, but if you use these guidelines, you should match up with a good violin teacher. 

Maybe you are thinking of having your child take group violin lessons at a school.  While this can be a rewarding experience, nothing can compare to the personal attention given by a private violin teacher. This applies to adult violin lessons as well.

1. There are no distractions when given a private violin lesson.
2. The violin teacher will go at the child’s learning pace instead of having to accommodate a group.
3. The violin teacher will be able to come to your home and tailor their schedule to your personal needs, rather than that of a group.
4. They will be able to provide individual feedback for the student enabling the student to learn quickly.
5. The violin teacher will be able to concentrate all of his attention on the student.

When you have found a violin teacher interview them and ask these questions:

1. How many years of teaching experience do they have and are they an accomplished player?
2. Do they have a lesson plan, and what goals do they have in mind for the student?
3. How is payment made?
4. How many students have they had and what level of playing did they achieve?
5. What age group are they used to teaching?

Traits to Look For in a Violin Teacher

1. Patience!  Learning to play is very technical, is the violin teacher patient and encouraging?
2. Experience in teaching, do not worry if they are not a professional performer, not all performers make great teachers.
3. Do they provide good feedback and constructive criticism; do you see an improvement in your playing?