Beginner – It’s not just for kids! Adults can learn too. We can help you to pick up the fundamentals of violin playing easily so that you enjoy learning without becoming too overwhelmed in the process. The violin can be a challenging instrument to learn, so it’s important that you find a teacher who has experience teaching beginner learners, kids or adults alike.

Intermediate – This stage is for violin lovers who want to progress working on longer songs, learning various bowing techniques (such as legato: playing several notes on one bow stroke), more complex string changing (changing from the G string to the A string quickly within a piece), complicated fingering.

Advanced – Crossing the intermediate level doesn’t keep you satisfied. Here we help you achieve mastery of the Instrument through robust and zealous violin exercises and songs that push your limits!

Violin Lessons

Bow like a pro!

Knowing how to play a musical instrument with confidence is a fulfilling and enjoyable ability.

Although violins are surrounded by a romantic aura of mystique, many people think that it’s too hard, too expensive, or just plain too difficult to learn how to play this well-known and much beloved musical instrument.

However, you may be surprised to discover that there are many excellent, lifelong benefits of playing the violin; and learning to play it, like any undertaking, simply requires having the right tools and the right instruction.

With a strong foundation, progressing to the next level is easy. Reach out to us today!

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