Vocal Singing Genres

As you begin to move your voice into new habits for singing, you will find several changes in your voice. You can expect:

  • growth in your low and high ranges
  • strength that comes from your natural sound
  • ability to have confidence in your natural voice
  • maturity of the sound you produce
  • refined sounds that help you to sing any type of genre

Pop Vocals

Our Pop Vocals Program will enable you to discover your voice profile, learn how to magnify your vocal strengths,  use effective techniques to correct any weaknesses, embrace and master your own unique voice, and develop self-confidence and stage presence.

Program Highlights

  • Vocal warm-ups, teaching you how to warm up properly, without straining your singing voice.
  • Vocal Technique to assure a lifetime of injury free singing (No more pain while singing)!
  • Strengthening exercises that help expand your vocal range and increase your power, control and endurance.
  • Proper breathing techniques to give you more power and the ability to sustain notes longer and more clearly.
  • Performance tips including stage presence, how to connect with your audience, singing with emotion, lyrical interpretation.


Duet Singing

  • Are you a great singer who wants to expand your vocal abilities and increase your artistic repertoire even further?
  • Do you and your loved ones love karaoke, and want to bring your enjoyment to a whole new level?
  • Do you sing in church, and want to make more compelling impact through music ministry?
  • Do you simply want to collaborate effectively with other singers and create a whole new multi-textured world of blended musical inspiration?

For Duet Singing lessons, you shall learn to sing contemporary duets while learning the techniques of harmonization, counter melody and vocal balance to become the most desired vocal partner for anyone. Learning the professional way of singing duets brings your singing prowess to whole new levels of inspiration, connection, fun and joy.

No matter what musical genre you are interested in, pop, rock, folk, country, musical theatre, classical or something else, we can recommend a great vocal teacher who can help you and your duet partner learn to harmonize well together while expressing and developing your individual voices. Once you have learnt how to tune in and cooperate musically with another great voice, you can explore exciting new collaborations with other singers with confidence and competence.

We provide opportunities for you and your duet partner to take duet singing lessons with convenience in the comfort of your own home. You learn faster with a great teacher who is experienced in your musical genre of interest. You learn to widen your low and high vocal ranges, and increase the strength, projection and control of your voice. You develop more confidence in expressing your natural voice as it develops with right practice. You can expand your flexibility to sing in any genre.

Broadway Singing

Impressed with the Broadway singers and hope that you achieve that same deepness in your voice?

Our Broadway Singing Program includes anatomy and science of breathing for singing and using your vocal apparatus, breathing technique, tone production and vocal placement, vocal range and registers, as well as placement of your speaking voice for better vocal health.

After approximately the first 16 – 20 hours (hours vary according to the singer’s abilities), you will learn songs to develop interpretation skills and song delivery such as phrasing, correct song and style choices, presentation skills. Students work through a number of songs to build a repertoire of music they can sing for performances and auditions.

Music theory may also be taught as part of the course as music literacy is an essential part of music making.


Classical Singing

Our Classical Singing Program is specially designed for committed students who wish to learn the art of classical singing, and is structured in levels of one year each. The entire learning journey may take 3 to 10 years, similar in duration to mastering a classical instrument like the piano or violin.

During the initial period of voice training, the course content will include anatomy and science of breathing for singing and using your vocal apparatus, breathing technique, tone production and vocal placement, vocal range and registers, as well as placement of your speaking voice for better vocal health.

You will also be introduced to various classical song repertoires, and these will be taught to you according to level of difficulty, and also in reference to your own singing ability at the moment in time. Music theory may also be taught during the lesson, as it is imperative towards the learning of classical singing.


Opera Singing

Interested to learn about Opera singing lessons?

We teach Opera vocal techniques, which emphasizes proper breath management and support as well as vocal health, can be used to sing any genre of music; and you can also learn to belt in a healthy way that will keep you singing for a long time without vocal difficulties.

Our Opera singing lessons are a great way to improve your voice for theater, and I encourage you to study with an opera teacher.

Opera singing lessons will help you learn to use your breath properly, support your singing properly in such a way that your voice will have plenty of power on its own without the use of mikes. Learn to focus on the sound so that it projects well, increase your range (high and low), and generally increase your voice’s versatility.

You will learn how to use your voice properly so that it can do all that you ask of it and stay healthy. Opera singing lessons can help do these things for your speaking voice as well.

The Opera singing lessons are designed to take the natural sounds you are already producing and to build a ‘support system’ that can give you a better tone.