Beginner Drums Lesson

Want to Learn to Play the Drums? Start Here!

Always wanted to play the drums but don’t know where to start? We do, and we can help!

Beginner Drums Tip #1

The first thing you do before you even pick up a drumstick is to ‘find your beat’, the ability to tap a rhythm, then coordinate your hand movements with your leg movements. This could be easier for some people than others, yet, don’t let your current lack of rhythm stop you.

You can have fun learning to find your inner beat even before you pick up a drumstick. Start by practicing hand and leg coordinated movements, like tapping one foot in a simple rhythm, then tapping one hand in coordination with the foot tapping. Have fun finding your beat.

Beginner Drums Tip #2

Next, practice consistent timing. You can do this by listening to a favourite song. Drummers dictate that the rhythm of a song and timing is an essential ability to master.

Being calm and not too hasty in banging the drums helps you get the proper timing. In time, practice and remembering the proper rhythm of the song or piece will make you a good drummer.

Beginner Drums Tip #3

Most people don’t know that the drums also have chords. Yes, it is true that drums also follow chords, tabs and musical note. Let a professional teach you the right way, fast. Understanding the notes is like understanding the song itself. These may help you learn how to play a song better.

Beginner Drums Tip #4

The last tip that I could give you is to practice, practice, practice. If you are keen to play the drums well, aim to practice at least once a day. The results will be worth it.

Each lesson in the beginner’s program is important in helping you develop your skills in a systematic way, and thus learn to become a great drummer as quickly as possible. As a full drum kit costs a lot of money, many beginners improvise a homemade drumset just to have an equipment to practice on while they are exploring their level of interest in the instrument. Of course you get the play the real thing when you take lessons from a professional.

If you are keen to give it your best shot, your effort, hard work and dedication shall give you great results.