Basic Do’s and Don’ts

Don’t Make This Fatal Mistake . . .

Many keyboard enthusiasts make the mistake of trying to learn keyboard on their own or with online videos.

The main reasons why they lose interest before mastering the keyboard are:

  • A lack of discipline to practice frequently, and a lack of structure in learning skills in the right order
  • Frustrations from not being able to master the keyboard as quickly as expected
  • Inability to understand information from the Internet or books and not being able to ask for professional help
  • Picking up bad habits that are harder to unlearn, and which slow down mastering the keyboard

Learning the keyboard can be tough or easy, depending on your decision. You can choose to take up to 6 months to master the keyboard or play within 2 months easily with professional help.

Many of our keyboard students play the keyboard quickly and easily within an average of two months because they have:

  • The support and inspiration to follow a disciplined practice schedule
  • Interactive communicative learning with their teacher who can see where their learning needs are
  • Personalized coaching based on individual preferences
  • The chance to master good habits from the start and progress fast through effective coaching
  • Been matched with a teacher who suits their needs and personality

Imagine, mastering your goal of playing the keyboard well with the proper expertise and guidance. Wouldn’t you love being able to listen to one song on the radio and then jam it easily on your keyboard? Playing songs on the keyboard can be easy when you know how.


Warning: Amateur Keyboard Lessons Can Cost You Dearly!

Playing the keyboard is not an easy task as it requires understanding musical notation, practicing proper fingering, and advancing both theory and practical know-how in a systematic manner. Picking up bad habits during the infant learning stages is worse than NOT having any keyboard skills at all.

That is why selecting an excellent keyboard teacher is VITAL FOR YOUR SUCCESS AND ENJOYMENT.


Do Find An Excellent Keyboard Teacher 

1) Highly Qualified And Experienced

All of our keyboard teachers have at least five years’ experience. They are trained in teaching methodology at leading music schools. In fact, some of them still teach at prestigious music schools or leading schools in Singapore. In addition, they have a proven track record of grooming successful students. Only experienced teachers with great results are selected to join our database.

2) Knows What You Want — And Delivers It

Do you want to pass keyboard exams within one year or to learn leisurely? We pick a teacher to suit you. Every student has different expectations and we want to recommend the most suitable teacher who helps you achieve what you want.

3) Available During Your Preferred Dates And Timings

We select teachers who can work within your preferred schedule. With this, you ONLY pay for the lessons that you utilize. And lessons are conducted during your free time.

4) Free Personalized Matching Service

We listen to your requirements and match you with a teacher who suits your needs. This makes all the difference in a positive musical learning experience.

Great Customer Service Before And After Booking Lessons

We aim to provide long term satisfaction to our customers with guaranteed quality of instruction. If your music teacher is not teaching as well as you like, we provide a refund or switch you to another teacher at no extra cost.