It might seem that Piano is an instrument that can be played without any trouble. But just the same, keyboard players can sustain injuries if they do not stick to correct habits. Right from the beginning, one should pay attention to the posture. All these would be taught in your piano lessons as well.

Incorrect Habits

One of the incorrect habits you might indulge in while playing the piano is that you keep your wrists and your whole hand rigid. It is better you relax your hand and let it flow naturally. Long practice hours does not mean immediate great improvements. Regular and steady practicing will help you much more than practicing for long hours. These can lead to many problems. Improper posture, improper wrist positioning, anxiety, or stress are all reasons that could cause body injuries. Getting used to the wrong posture might cause strain, backache, and many other problems.

Do not hit the keys forcefully. The Piano is a delicate musical instrument. Hitting the keys forcefully not only hurts your fingers but the music you produce this way is not melodious either. It is better if you try to put aside a little time every day for your practice. If you keep skipping practices, you will never be able to settle down to a routine. The later you get set up on a routine, the more time your body will need to adjust to it.

If you are a beginner, as you get started with your piece on the Piano, you might hold your breath till you are done. That is a bad habit. Pianos are not wind instruments like the flute! Holding your breath will slow you down, you will have trouble remembering, and your energy will be over sooner. As you get accustomed to playing the piano, you need to worry about paying attention to your breathing as it would become second nature. This is why one should cultivate the right habits from the beginning so that as you move on, you can concentrate more on your playing than on your posture and other habits.

Correct Habits

One should take short breaks while learning or practicing. This will help you to relax and give your mind some time to adjust and take in the rest of your practicing. If you feel you have a pain in your wrists, take a break and do not continue playing. It is a great idea to stretch and do a few small warm-up exercises. This will make your body ready for your piano sessions.

It is generally observed that using too much of laptops and computers can cause neck and back strain. As a pianist, it would be better for you to stay away or limit your interaction with computers.

It is also a great idea if you can learn to read the notes. You could get stressed out if the music is only in your mind and if you get distracted, it would tough to pick it up from memory. But by having the confidence that you can read the notes, you are making sure that you will not get stressed.

These are some of the basic points which you need to be aware of before you are ready to take up piano lessons and learn further. To know why one should learn the piano, check out this link For more on pianos, click here!