Children are bright and they begin a new skill with a lot of enthusiasm. Unfortunately, that enthusiasm does not last until the end. They give up in the middle due to various reasons. Most common reasons are that they are not comfortable with the teacher or they do not get along with the teacher, or they feel it is boring. More often than not, the teacher plays an important role in educating the children.

Here are a few factors that you should consider before you enroll your child for drum lessons:

Friendly disposition

The teacher needs to be aware that he/she needs to establish a rapport with the student in order to get the best out of the child. Teachers who are friendly achieve this much more easily than those who are stricter. It is more likely that a student would ask questions to a teacher he likes rather than one who is strict. The teacher should also be able to make sure that the students practice and improve and not take advantage of the teacher’s friendly nature.


Children might sometimes have to stay back for other classes or rehearsals. The teacher should be able to re-schedule. If that is not possible, the teacher should take every effort to make sure the student learns what was taught in his absence. It goes without saying that the student too should give his best to learn.


Not always do we find excellent teachers. In a world driven by the internet, it is easy to boast about your accomplishments, where in reality, the teacher might not be that great. If you come across a teacher, it is better to ask for their references, talk to their students, ask if you could sit through a couple of their classes. Most teachers do not mind and would encourage you to come and take a look.

Practical teaching

It is seen that several musical institutes and teachers give more emphasis to the theory of the instrument rather than actually playing it. It is very important to learn the theory of the instrument you are going to play, but in your drum lessons, you should also be given the opportunity to play the drums and learn. This is a major concern that you should express to the right teacher before you enroll for their drum lessons.

Strong basics

We come across many teachers who think that they would get more appreciation if the child starts to play long or complicated pieces in a short time. The child learns it and the parents are happy too. But what the child misses out on in this process is invaluable. He/She loses the basics. While moving further up in his education, he would find it increasingly difficult to learn and play it as he would not have a strong foundation. Make sure that the teacher considers learning the basics as the first step and makes it the main priority.

Understand all the factors stated above before you set off to get your child enrolled for drum lessons. Once you get started with the lessons, you need to know what all you need to buy to help out with your playing. To know more on this, check our our guide on buying drums. For more on drums, click here