If you have been playing the cello for a long time already, you might want to prepare for grading. While group lessons are fine for children or for beginners seeking to build a network, those who approach their playing more seriously would find private one-on-one cello classes more useful, especially if you are preparing for a certification or an exam.

Personalised attention

Private lessons always mean that the student is getting more personalised attention, which in turn leads to better and deeper understanding. While group cello lessons can be fun, the teacher can actually move ahead before you have mastered a certain technique. With private lessons, you can learn at your own pace and master every aspect of the cello. With one-on-one lessons, the teacher will be able to point out all your problems and work on them until you get it perfect. When preparing for grading, this becomes very important.

Focus is on the student

With private lessons, the teacher is able to give sufficient time to a single student. Of course, it costs more but if you are really serious about passing your cello exam, then it is really worth the money. In private cello classes, the teacher will also be able to pinpoint your weaknesses give you sufficient time in order to improve the areas in which you are weak. This is especially useful at the advanced level when an experienced cello teacher can help you make career choices, something that will not always be possible if you are taking group lessons.


In private cello lessons, you will be motivated to do the work because no one else would be there to cover up for your failures. With the full spotlight on you in your lessons, you will definitely be able to put your best foot forward and work hard. You will also be able to concentrate on your own progress and work on your weak points rather than worrying about others. You will have to practice and do your best, putting the onus on you to progress.


If you have a busy schedule otherwise, then private cello lessons are best for you. A teacher might not be able to work with you each time you require some adjustments if you are taking group lessons because it would simply be unfair to the other students. But with solo lessons, they can make adjustments and give you a schedule that actually works for you. If your work takes you away from home on a regular basis, you can plan out a schedule with your teacher around your trips, so that your progress is not affected.

Combination of group and solo lessons

Even if you are already taking group lessons, it is a good idea to take a few solo lessons to work on your weak areas. As such, group lessons will be great in many ways but since teachers can’t wait for you to catch up, taking a few private lessons will help cover the gap if you are behind in any particular aspect. Even the best student can only improve with one-on-one private lessons with a dedicated teacher as it helps in smoothing out your rough patches.

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