Teachers are always pondering over the question of how to get the best from their students and make sure they excel. Many teachers use some sort of technique with their students to make sure they keep themselves up to the mark. For a few tips and ideas on how to get the best from your students while giving them saxophone lessons, read on!

Connect with the students

Maintaining an aloof persona of a teacher will not let the students connect either to the teacher or the lessons. Try to make the classes interactive which would help the students be more comfortable. Once they are in their comfort zone, they would find it easier to learn and also to approach the teacher about any doubts or queries they might have.

Set up a target

Giving the students targets will act as a booster for them to practice and work harder. The targets can be a mock performance, a band trial, or exams. Rewarding the students is also a great idea. Scolding or chastising students could have a negative impact on their learning experience. Never discourage the students.

Your teaching experience

Analyze your skills and the type of potential students that you would like to work with. Some people like working with kids while others would rather stick to adult classes! Some teachers like the challenge of teaching a beginner while others would prefer to take advanced classes.

Make the learning process fun!

Organize informal competitions with the class during the saxophone lessons to encourage everyone to practice harder. Try to involve more practical teaching than theoretical teaching as young students are more likely to get bored with constant theory classes.

Encourage all your students to audition for an orchestra or a band, giving live performances and other such activities which would slowly prepare them to play professionally one day and also eliminate stage fright right at the beginning.

You could also give them a gentle nudge towards the path of becoming a professional. They might have no idea how to pursue this. This is where the teacher comes in and helps them make a good career decision. Make sure you are not forcing the student as this could have a negative impact.


Encouraging and motivating your students is one of the main things a teacher should do. Giving rewards or verbal praises or appreciating and recognizing good work will go a long way in motivating the students to learn and perform better.

Sticking to the lesson agenda is a good thing. But once in a while, it is necessary to let the students experiment. They would learn a lot more and come across a variety of new things.

A saxophone!

If you are teaching beginner students, it is most likely that they wouldn’t yet have an instrument of their own. You can give them suggestions based on your experience about which kind of saxophone would suit their needs the best.

Always advise your students to research well before buying a new saxophone. Guide them and teach them to differentiate between the assumptions that the general public makes and the truth. If you are new to saxophones, check out this link for more details:  http://absolutelyintuned.com.sg/how-to-buy-the-instrument-for-saxophone-lessons-beginners/.