A dirty instrument speaks of a bad musician. Every aspiring musician or instrumentalist should first learn to care for their instruments. These would also be taught to you during your flute lessons. Maintaining it properly at the right time would take very little effort, time and cost from your side. Once your flute gets a problem, you will need to get it to a professional to be repaired and it is not always that easy!

Take a look at the below tips for an idea on how to maintain the flute and keep it clean.


One main reason one should care for their instrument is that if it is maintained with love and care, the instrument would live up to several years. It would last a longer time and save you the time, energy and money of purchasing another.

Moisture is the enemy

When one plays the flute, moisture forms inside the instrument due to the act of blowing air into it. This can cause damage to the flute. Never ever forget to wipe it and give it a quick dust down.

You can use a soft and clean cloth to remove dirt and clean the inside of your flute. It is advisable that when you are done playing, to take your flute apart. It is important to clean every part, nook and corners to make sure there is no dirty residue left inside and the moisture is cleaned up.

Polishing the flute is an easy task keeping in mind that it is quite a small and light-weight instrument. But one needs to be careful of the same fact because it is played with our mouth. It is a good idea to brush your teeth before playing to make sure the particles in saliva do not spoil the flute.

Flute case

If you travel often, the best way to transport the flute is to carry it in a flute case. It is also a good idea to keep it in the case if you are done playing or practicing. This helps in avoiding moisture and extreme heat. It will also protect the instrument from a fall. There are many cheap cases available but they will not do the job. They would most likely let the moisture in. They would not be made of good quality material, thereby risking the flute in case of a fall. Since this is a one-time investment, make sure you take the right decision and buy a good case for your flute.

Professional servicing

At least once in a while get your flute professionally serviced to give it a long and healthy life. Never try to fix the flute on your own if there should be problems with your instrument. Take it to the professionals. You might cause more damage to it if you handle it without having proper knowledge of the same.

Regular maintenance is an absolute must for the flutes as a clean instrument will play amazingly and will never let you down! Be regular in the maintenance of your instrument and they would play faithfully. To know more about flute lessons for beginners, check out: https://www.absolutelyintuned.com.sg/flute-2/