People usually have some fascination with drums long before they take it up as a hobby – unless their parents have been astute enough to introduce it to them at a very young age. Drums are a great instrument and there are many reasons why you should opt for it. Though it can occasionally irritate the neighbours, there are a lot to compensate for it. And when you ultimately learn to play drums properly, even your neighbours would love it!

  • The drum is one of the oldest instruments known to humankind. Though we now have electronic drums and such, the basic design remains the same. There have been archaeological finds dating back 40,000 years that show us that drums have been an instrument of choice for many prehistoric cultures. What a way to connect with our ancestors!


  • Switch on some music and listen to it. Now imagine it without drum beats. That’s right. It just sounds weak and insipid. A percussion instrument, most often a drum, is what gives the music its beat and rhythm. The drum is the instrument that creates a dramatic build up in the music. Why wouldn’t you want to be the drummer?!


  • The sheer variety of drums available is heady. Over time, different types of drums have developed around the world. And they all happen to be quite available and popular everywhere else in the world. That just attests to the sheer popularity of drums! From bongos to tablas, from Conga to Bass drum, there is a vast world out there waiting to be discovered by you. For knowing more about the types of drums, refer to:


  • Being a drummer comes with a lot of benefits. One of these is that it helps you understand music better. The musical components of any genre are complicated and beginners usually have a tough time with them. But drum beats have to catch on to the base of the music, so you usually end up developing an ear for the music much faster. In the same way, learning drums can also help improve your rhythm.


  • Drumming can be great fun. Even if at the beginning you haven’t learned the basics, you can still have fun banging on a set of drums. So imagine how amazing it would be when you actually learn how to produce good music! There are also many fun drum equipment you can gradually add for your drum kit lessons.


  • You will learn to time yourself much faster and easier. As a drummer, your job is to time the music. It is one of the things that most beginners, and indeed many experienced musicians, find hard, but for a drummer, it becomes an established skill very quickly. With experience, you actually become a human metronome. This can actually help you learn other instruments much faster than otherwise.
  • And last, but not the least, you will always have job options. All bands can do with a drummer. The most common band members available are guitarists, so if you offer drum expertise, you will be immediately taken on. If you become the drummer of the group, then you can control the tone, rhythm, and mood of the song. It is a great musical skill to add to your repertoire!