Pop singing is quite popular, mainly among teenagers and children. Many parents see the enthusiasm in their children for pop singing and enrol them in classes. Along with pop singing lessons, there are a few things that you can do to make sure your child excels in pop singing. Take a look at some of the things below.

Attend concerts

Attending various concerts on pop singing can be quite an eye opener. Notice carefully how the singer is pitching his/her voice, their tone and their body language. Everything will give you a clue on how you can become better at pop singing. Apart from being able to learn quite a lot, you would also be able to network and meet quite a lot of like-minded people there. When you are good enough to do a concert, it is important that you know people who can help you achieve that and make sure that you make a good beginning.

Play in public

You need not wait to get a professional gig to get a taste of what it will be like to perform in public. You can start by playing in your school, college, local events or in the local clubhouse. This will give you some much-needed exposure and help in building confidence. Even if you do make a mistake, playing in front of a small audience will teach you how to cover the mistake gracefully and move on.

Participate in events

There are regular events and competitions organized in almost all schools and colleges. Music academies, clubs, and local events too conduct such events. Try to participate as much as possible. Winning can give you a sense of confidence to move further to a bigger audience. If you do not win, do not take it to your heart. It just means you have to practice more. Taking part in such events can actually help you know where you actually stand and how good you are.

Record and listen

One of the best ways to find where you stand is to record yourself while you are singing. Play the music back later and you would be able to find out where you are going wrong and where you need to improve. This is an excellent way to practice with your mentor or teacher is not available.


The one word which says everything. No matter how much better you get, you need to practice every single day. Practice is for you to maintain your singing level. No doubt you would be singing during your pop singing lessons, but that alone is not sufficient. In order to really excel, one needs as much practice as possible.

Always keep in mind that the most important thing while singing is that you are having fun. If you are not, regular practice will start seeming like a chore and eventually, you would lose interest in it.

Have fun singing and try to practice as much as possible. If there is one thing that is more important than practice, it is taking care of your voice. To know The Ten Commandments of Pop Singing Lessons to Prevent Vocal Damage: http://absolutelyintuned.com.sg/ten-commandments-pop-singing-lessons-prevent-vocal-damage/.