The saxophone is a woodwind instrument. Due to its presence in various bands, many people are interested in learning how to play the saxophone. If you are a beginner and want to join beginners saxophone lessons, you have many choices, some of which are online classes and offline classes. You can take the other various options listed below into consideration while making your decision.

Online lessons

One way you can learn saxophone is through the thousands of online tutorials available. There are a large number of videos and theory knowledge available on the web. However, as a beginner, this is not a recommended path to take. You should learn from a teacher who would be able to guide you as and when you make a mistake. When you move past the beginner’s stage, you can educate yourself with these online saxophone lessons as you would have enough knowledge yourself to know whether you are learning it right or not. Apart from learning to play, you will also get tips on how to buy a saxophone, maintaining it and so much more!

Home lessons

If there are no saxophone classes nearby or classes not suiting your time preference, you can always go for home classes. Ask the teacher whether they would be interested in coming to your place and teaching you. You will get their full attention as you will be the only student there. The downside is that home classes can be more expensive as the teacher would also charge you for the transportation in most cases. But this would be the best solution when your child is shy and would rather learn alone than with a group of students.

One to one classes

There are also music academies and teachers who offer one-on-one course for those who prefer learning alone. If you would like to go for this kind of course, ask in advance whether they provide such classes. As with home lessons, one-on-one lessons too might cost you a bit more than the normal lessons.

Group classes

Group saxophone lessons consist of many students. It is fun to learn with others and it would give you an idea of how your skills are with respect to your peers. You can hold friendly competitions to improve your playing skills. The disadvantage here is that some students catch up fast while others take it slow. The teacher should make sure the slow person is not pushed to take it fast while the student going ahead is not told to go slow.


No matter how you have decided to learn saxophone, regular and dedicated practice remains the key. Ask your teacher any doubts that you may have immediately. Record yourself and listen to it. This can give you a valuable insight into how you are performing. You can also ask a peer or friend any queries you might be having. You can also use virtual bands available online to make your practice sessions more fun and productive. Have fun playing as that is what will keep you motivated.

These are some of the options from which you can choose for your saxophone lessons and move further. To know more on how to maintain your saxophone, check out: For more on saxophones, you can refer to