Children often start out with their new classes on a positive note. They are enthusiastic and aim at learning as much as possible. But this positiveness and enthusiasm remain only till they find it fun to learn. If the lessons take a monotonous turn or they do not find it interesting, they eventually lack the motivation to learn and move ahead. For this, you need to find a teacher who believes in mixing fun with learning so that your child would always be ready to learn more. Take a look at some of the factors that you need to consider before you select a jazz guitar teacher for your child.

Fun learning

As already said, a teacher who knows to make the lesson fun and interesting would be able to get a lot of out his/her pupils than a teacher who prefers to stick to the standard method of teaching. It would also help as a remembering tool if special exercises are used to teach the children. This will also make the practice hours or the learning process seem like a fun task rather than a boring chore.

Experienced teacher

An experienced teacher will not only how to handle the students but also know how to get them to perform their best. They would be able to warn your child about not making the same mistakes which they had done in their past. This would be a great help to a beginner and they would find it easier to proceed with such helpful tips. If there are other students in the class, an experienced teacher would know how to handle students who have different learning speeds. They would be able to make sure everybody gets equal attention and makes progress.


Most teachers charge the standard rate. Get in touch with a few music academies and teachers to know the average fee in your neighborhood. Do not go for teachers who charge a lot as charging a lot does not mean that they give good jazz guitar lessons. Find out about how much experience the teacher has, his/her reputation as a teacher, and their method of teaching.

Personal Commitments

There might be a few guitarists who do musical concerts and shows. They would need to practice for the same and perform live. All this time could cut into your child’s classes. Make yourself clear and have a talk with the teacher before-hand that the classes should not get disrupted. In the case it does, compensatory classes should be provided at a time when the timings are mutually satisfactory.

Time and Distance

Classes that are too far away might lead to your child wasting a lot of time in travel. This can also bring about exhaustion leading to a lack of interest. If the timings are not suiting your child, then it is better to find other classes which offer lessons in your preferred hours as forcing the child against their comfort level is not a good idea.

A good teacher will be the reason you learn and achieve success or you get bored at quit. So, give importance to this decision and select a good teacher for your jazz guitar lessons. Take all the above factors into consideration. To know more on how to purchase a jazz guitar, check out For more on jazz guitars, you can refer to