Ukulele Lessons: Home or Classes?


Ukulele is a stringed instrument. It is just as popular as guitar and there are thousands aspiring to learn the Uke. If you want to kick off with ukulele lessons, you have a lot of options in choosing how to go about it. There are various factors that play a role in choosing a class. Check out some of the factors listed below.


This is the first factor and one that needs to be considered by almost everyone. The fee should be within your budget. Group classes are generally less expensive than private classes. But the advantage you get in private classes is that you get the teacher’s full attention and there is nobody to disturb you. Some people are shy and are not comfortable asking questions in front of others. For them, private classes is the solution. But most people like group classes for they get an opportunity to meet new people and learn as a group.


Sometimes, you might not be able to find good ukulele classes in your neighborhood. You need to think whether you would be able to travel long distance for the classes. This can cause tiredness and stress eventually leading to a lack of interest. Make sure you have really thought well about taking up classes that are far away. If you are thinking of enrolling your child and the classes are too far away, think whether they would be able to manage the travel alone and if not, would you be able to act as the driver to them. Also, make sure that the child will not get too tired with the traveling as it can impact their learning.

If there are no suitable classes nearby, you can go for personal classes where the teacher would come to your place to teach. This can cost more, but sometimes, it is better than traveling long distance.

Infrastructure and space

If you are planning to take home lessons, think twice whether you have enough space to hold ukulele lessons. You also need to consider if you have sound proof rooms and if not, would it disturb the other members of your household. The advantage of music schools is that they have proper infrastructure with sound proof rooms, chairs and other necessary tools. You can practice here in comfort.

Practice and dedication

Practice is the key to performing like a pro. If you attend classes, you would be getting assignments and homework which would end up as practice for you even if do not get time or are unable to set specific practice hours. But if you are learning on your own, you need to formulate a plan for practicing and learning as there would be no one to keep an eye on you. You need to be self-motivated and disciplined in order to achieve excellence.

Take into consideration all these factors and more. Think twice before committing yourself to a class as changing music schools and teachers might lead to an inconsistent learning experience. Choose the best and most experienced teacher possible and practice as much as you can. You will definitely master the Uke! For more tips for a ukulele beginner, check out this link: For more on ukulele, you can refer to