Buying an Electric Guitar – Part I


When you set out to learn something new, you need to ensure that you have all the materials required. The same goes for electric guitar. If you are planning to take electric guitar lessons, you need a reliable instrument to practice on. Without a decent instrument, you might not be able to pick up as fast as you might otherwise. There are two main things you require for this: a good teacher and a good instrument. For tips on selecting an electric guitar teacher, check out this article: For more on selecting a good instrument, continue reading.

Learn about guitars

The first step before buying an electric guitar is to actually know what you are doing. You would not just go out and buy a pet without knowing the first thing about it. Well, a guitar is the same, and an electric guitar, more so! So it is a good idea to learn some things about the guitar. Understand the components that go into the making of a guitar. Learn about how each component functions and how they are useful to the player. Once you learn what goes where, you will know whether the guitar you are inspecting is exactly what you require or not. Without this basic understanding of the instrument, you might never be able to make the right choice.

So the first step before starting your basic electric guitar lessons is to learn about guitars. You can check out online tutorials or sites, or you might even ask your guitar teacher to help you with the basics. Once this is done, you are ready to go guitar shopping.

Decide on a body style

The body style of a guitar plays a huge role in its functioning. When it comes to comfort, the body style of the guitar is the most important factor for players. Without having a basic understanding of the different body styles and how each of them can impact your playing, you will be unable to make a good choice.

Solid body guitars: These are guitars that are made up of a single piece of wood. It is always the better choice because you don’t have to worry about whether the different wood parts are attached properly together. The fewer the parts, the better the construction. Solid body guitars weigh more and are sturdy. However, these guitars require amplifiers because of the lack of resonance chambers within the instrument.

Hollow body guitars: These guitars have a hollow interior and use different types of pick-ups than the solid body guitars.

Semi-hollow body guitars: These guitars are hybrid models. They usually are shaped with a cut-out design and have a small hollow portion in the body. These guitars have a bright tone very suitable for certain musical genres.

Electric – acoustic guitars: These are electric guitars shaped to look like acoustic guitars. The one advantage of these guitars is that they can be played without amplifiers.

By making the right choice here, you will be able to enhance your playing the way you want. Picking the correct body style for you will go a long way in making you a good guitar player.

We shall be continuing further with tips on what to keep in mind while purchasing an electric guitar. Meanwhile, if you are interested in more information about electric guitars, please refer to: