Why Learn the Viola?


For most people, learning an instrument comes with a reason. Either someone they know is already learning the instrument or they love the music performed on that particular instrument, or they simply perceive it as ‘cool’. However, there are several other reasons to learn any instrument. If you find yourself hesitating in taking viola lessons, because you are not too sure why it would be a good thing you can find the answer below! There are indeed several good reasons why the viola could be the instrument of choice for you.

It is melodious

If you have never heard a viola being played before, you have a treat in store! The sound of this instrument is marvelous and melodious.  It immediately attracts the attention of people, especially those who have musically trained ears. The tone of the viola is richer and darker and hence, musicians can make powerful expressions with the right music when playing the viola. If you manage to master the instrument, you will have one of the sweetest sounding musical instruments in your hand.

It’s challenging to learn

The viola is not a simple instrument to learn for several reasons. One of them is that it can be difficult to get the posture right. Another problem is that the strings of the viola are thick, which makes playing fast music on it a big challenge. Despite these challenges, learning to play the viola can be ultimately a rewarding and satisfying experience.

Rich tradition

The viola is not an obscure or newfangled instrument which has no artistic or traditional background. It is, in fact, an instrument that was much beloved by the masters. Classical composers such as Mozart, Bach, Beethoven and others have played the viola in ensembles. They have also written music specifically for the instrument. The viola was also considered as a worthy solo instrument by many classic composers. Hence, it has a wealth of tradition behind it making it an excellent choice.

Viola moments

Composers often tend to give the viola excellent tunes in an orchestra. The inclusion of the viola in an orchestra or ensemble makes the overall effect much more melodious and soulful. Hence, if playing in an orchestra is your ultimate aim, then the viola is a great instrument to work with. These viola moments are fun and add a lot of dimension to the overall music. Start with viola lessons for beginners and soon you will be putting out lovely music out in the world.


There are excellent opportunities for getting work when you are a viola player. Unlike other instruments, there is simply not enough competition when it comes to viola playing gigs. Orchestras are hard put to find good viola players to play with them, precisely because of the scarcity of players since most prefer to learn the violin. The competition is low-key and there are hence more opportunities that can open up for you when you want to start working.

Now that you have some good reasons to start learning the viola, you can also learn a bit more about the instrument itself in this article: https://www.absolutelyintuned.com.sg/2015/02/27/fast-facts-need-know-viola-viola-lessons/. For more general information on the viola, you can consult the site: http://singaporeviolinlessons.com/and gain a more comprehensive understanding of the instrument and everything related to it.