Tips for Purchasing a Jazz Guitar

If you are starting with jazz guitar lessons, you would definitely need a guitar of your own to practice and to learn. Some of the factors that you need to consider while buying a jazz guitar are given below. Take a look and buy carefully.

Budget and price

Jazz guitars come in various models and their price varies widely. Ask your mentor and do a thorough search about a good brand before you go further. It is better if you buy a jazz guitar of a popular brand because you will know that since it is a popular brand, you will not be facing any issues. As a beginner, for your jazz guitar classes, you do not need a high-end model.  Buy a reasonably priced model which suits your needs. On an instrument which tends to break down frequently, you will not learn properly. Beginner or not, visit some forums, research the various models and brands, read the reviews of fellow instrumentalists and ask people experienced in this field for their opinion.

Test play the guitar

Most shops nowadays have small practice rooms where you can take the guitar you like and try it out. Since you are going to spend a lot of money on this, it is only fair that you try it out and be fully satisfied with the instrument. If you are not sure or need advice and suggestions, ask your mentor, an experienced friend or someone from your guitar lessons to come along. The downside of buying a guitar online is that you do not get to try it out. It is important that you see how it feels in your hands and whether you are comfortable holding it and playing it. Some models may be uncomfortable for some people. So, try to play a few notes before you decide on a particular model.

Sound and projection

There are a lot of different models of jazz guitars. The build and model can affect the sound that is produced. You can ask a friend to play the guitar while you check if the sound projection is proper and according to your expectations. Make sure that the guitar is not created with many different types of wood as the use of different materials can affect the tone and the sound. You can find out these things if you test properly. If in doubt, take someone with you.


Another main factor is the comfort level of the person while playing the instrument. Each person is physically different and hence, would require a model suiting him. Playing an instrument with which one is not comfortable can cause muscle pain and problems in posture. To avoid this, it is better to try out the jazz guitar and select only if it is comfortable. You might be testing the guitar for only a few minutes, but if it does not feel right in that time, then it never will.

Purchasing a guitar is the first step. Practice hard and you can become a great musician. To know how to become a better jazz guitar player, check out this link: For more on jazz guitars, you can refer to