Qualities of a Good Broadway Singing Teacher

There is no doubt that singing is a lot of fun. In order to be a good singer and have fun, you need to find a suitable teacher. You will find a lot of teachers who give Broadway singing lessons, but not all of them might be accomplished enough for your needs. You need to ask their students and attend their demo classes if they give any and then make your decision. So try not to make a decision in a hurry. There are a few must-have qualities in your teachers. Take a look below to know more about it.


Work and studies are an important factor that we need to consider while taking up singing lessons. Clear it up with your teacher whether they are fine with being flexible on the occasions you are not able to make it on time or you need to re-schedule a class or two. Forcing yourself to attend classes when your mind is clearly somewhere else will not yield a productive session at all. Learning is a task that should be approached with a stress-free mind.

Individual attention

You might have chosen to go for group singing lessons where you might be learning with a few other students. Everyone has their own speed of learning and grasping things. Often, one is forced to speed up their learning according to the class average or for a student who is catching up fast, he might be forced to wait till the others catch up. It is better that you talk to your teacher in the beginning itself so that you can move at your speed which would be the most beneficial thing for you.

Non-music values

Ideally, your teacher should not only teach you to sing perfectly but also teach you about other things. These involve teaching how to take care of your voice, help give you public exposure, teach how to recover gracefully when you make a mistake and so on. A teacher who does all these things is indeed the best one for you. Most teachers who are experienced help their students by giving them all these information.

Emphasis on practical lessons

Many teachers impart the theory behind singing, the vocal cords involved and other information. It is equally important that they demonstrate a piece by singing and listen to you do the same so that they can correct you immediately. Apart from singing lessons, one should also regularly do vocal exercises. These are usually taught by the teacher and require demonstration. If you are a beginner, please make sure that your teacher gives practical lessons else the chances are that you probably will not understand what is to be done.


One of the main qualities you should seek in a teacher is their knowledge of their chosen field. Only when a teacher knows more than you would they would they be able to guide you and teach you. Assess the person and ask around to make sure that they are suitable to teach you.

Take all these into consideration and have fun! Finding a teacher is the key to master singing. To know more about the challenges faced by Broadway singers, please refer to: http://singinglessonssingapore.com/broadway-singing-lessons-challenges-facing-broadway-singers-part-i/. For more on Broadway singing, you can refer to http://singinglessonssingapore.com/.