Guitar Lessons: How to Be a Better Electric Guitar Player

The electric guitar is a very popular option for people taking up the guitar. More and more people are now learning electric guitar but not all of them can master it. It could be due to a number of reasons, such as lack of proper guidance or lack of music infrastructure. There are a lot of classes teaching electric guitar. But here are few tips you should follow and keep in mind to become a better electric guitar player. Read on to know more below.

Read music

Learning to read the notes and the music can help you a lot. It can help you become a better instrumentalist. It will help you understand the nuances of music and you will be able to play the notes much better. If you are aiming high and looking to join a band or an orchestra, learning to read the music notes can definitely be a huge positive for you. Most musical groups use musical notes distributed between the members. So, it is important that you learn to read music notes right away so that you are more comfortable and ready anytime.

Learn more

Increase your knowledge base as it will no doubt help you some day. As a beginner, do not be choosy but try to learn everything that comes your way. Learning more will help you express yourself better and you will be able to handle your instrument with more precision.

Body posture

The correct body posture is to keep your back straight and pay attention to the position of your hands etc. For more ease, you can use a foot stool. Following these postures during practice will help you during your performance. It also helps you to avoid body pain and back pain. You can take short breaks so you can stretch and clear your mind for a more productive session.

Record yourself

Record yourself playing the electric guitar and listen back to it. The mistakes would be obvious at once. You can find out where you are going off the track. If you do not have a friend or a teacher from your guitar lessons available to help you out at the moment, you can always use this method to know how you are progressing. This is a very efficient method which gives immediate results.

Practice and more practice!

Practice should be your first mantra while learning to play the electric guitar. The simple fact is that the more you practice, the better you will become at playing the instrument. You can do it alone or in a group with your friends. You can also use virtual backtracks from the internet and play accordingly. If you are planning on joining a band, it is better to practice with a group of people because that way your sense of timing will improve and you can synchronize better with the team. Try to fix a regular practice schedule and stick to it. Initially, you might get frustrated at not making progress quickly, but with enough practice and dedication, you will definitely begin to play much better.

These are some of the basic points which you need to know before you are ready to take up electric guitar lessons and move further. To know more on how to maintain your guitar, check out: For more on electric guitars, you can refer to